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mellowing out as it's heating up
Saturday, June 25, 2005

› by victoria

The temp. is crazy hot and humid (50-60%) out here. I had to take a cold shower just to be able to cool down enough to sleep. I have a feeling that if it was as hot as it is now all the time, i'd adjust to it...but in Wisconsin, heat like this is such a shock and surprise.

Biff's website is almost-almost perfect! this is very exciting. We have had to pay for the domain name, and then we had to cough up more dough for the server, but it is worth it. I can't wait until it is up and running glitch-free (*he found that on a PC, the art samples don't show the correct preview pictures, so he has to fix that).

I have to finish my marketing powerpoint, since it's due on monday. It shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes, except i left my USB drive at home and i'm not sure how to save it without that...i might have to just email it to myself and hope for the best.

speaking of technology...
when i was at Robin's house this past sunday night, we found this book on a bookshelf that I was reading while watching her play "Worlds of Warcraft" or something like that. It was called "The Internet for Dummies," and it must've been published circa 1992. It was obscenely hilarious. I wish I could scan some of the pages and put them online for everyone's general enjoyment. Especially the complicated instructions on "How to send Electronic Mail." Or the lists of newsgroups that included things like "Christian Rock and Alternative music discussion," or the Society for Creative Anachronism ... very funny stuff. We also found "Windows 95 for Dummies" and were laughing ourselves sick at that as well. "HOW TO SAVE A FILE" was one of my favorite 10-page long laborious descriptions...

on the other hand, I kind've like the level of technology at which we are right now.
I don't like the thought of computers the size of a chicklet.
Oh, and I didn't know that those square, thick stickers with the pink and silver wires inside them were RFID tags...They put them in pretty much everything now.

When Biff and I were walking in to school/work today, I was just musing on how if most Americans just walked everywhere (*I mean, if you can't walk everywhere because you're unable to, that's different), we wouldn't have an obesity problem. When it's this hot outside, it forces you to sweat, and occaisionally take breaks, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's healthier to move your body than to ride around in an air-conditioned pod with wheels...

finally, last night we got an unidentified phone call that I didn't answer, but it freaked the crap out of me. I really hope it wasn't anyone bad calling, but even if it was, they should've at least left a message.

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