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Monday, June 27, 2005

› by victoria


this past weekend, we hopefully closed up the whole gaping wound of the painfully-gone-awry project. Robin and I watched a lot of anime movies. I fell asleep during Gross Point Blank (shame on me), but hey, what can you do? Jill, Biff and i all went to Alterra's by the Lake, where our barista was the very friendly Michael S. who went to my highschool... he gave me a free coffee drink, which was really nice! The worst thing, though, is that I remember him primarily for 2 things: almost breaking my nose with a accidental-but-precise-volleyball in 8th grade gym, and my younger sister's crush on him. My younger sister, when she would get a crush on someone, would go out of her way to be loud about it. She called Michael S. "candyass" behind his back (they were in the same french class) and would pantomime grabbing his ass and squeezing it. He found out about it, but luckily thought it was pretty amusing. I was mortified, at the time, but in retrospect find it's frikkin' hilarious.

My class finishes up over the next few days...I have a major exam and my project is due this morning, so I'm desperately scragging away at my bibliography in hopes of getting it done (*and the powerpoint!) before 9:30ish when my class starts. Eeep!

All in all, busy but fun weekend. Saw lots of Robin's legendary music videos, which she makes herself--they're quite good, so good in fact that they usually get whatever music that is playing stuck in my head for days and days. Chances are, it's something I don't usually get to listen to, like Metallica. Very good, though. I almost locked myself in a port-o-let yesterday. Biff locked the keys in the car and had to get the police to slim jim it open. There were a lot of thunderstorms. The cat threw up on Biff's bag. The usual exciting things.


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