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the ideal medieval party scenario
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

› by victoria

i don't know why this popped into my head this morning, but if i were planning a medieval party, here would be the "must-have" party ingredient list:

haunch of mutton (*or several haunches of mutton), mulled wine, countertenor(s), sackbutts, viels, several minstrels, a juggler to spice things up, large mangy dogs to eat the scraps up off the floor, straw to scatter over the paving stones, and several of those pointy hats that wealthy medieval womyn wore.

That said, I hope i get at least a "b" on the test I took this morning. It was so confusing and ridiculously difficult that it's put the stress back where I usually store it, in my upper back and shoulders. When the tension gets to this point, I usually feel woozy and almost nauseated from the pain...I need a back massage! Stat!
At least I could sell my book back for money. Huzzah! (and there was much rejoicing).

Yesterday I went to the dentist with my dad. He also took me to Milwaukee's posh tea room, the George Watts tearoom. The food was indeed, divinely good--they even garnished my piece of dessert-cake with an orchid!--but the waiter was manic, and you had to go through the George Watts display room to get there. Euggh. Fancy-schmancy wedding registry-type gifts are totally not my bag... But it was enjoyable to see my dad. He even insisted that i take a nap before dropping me off at the apartment...and the dental assistant "Brandi", as usual, tried to choke me with what appeared to be a prophylactic-covered x-ray thingy that she kept on shoving down my throat. She was trying to take pictures of my wisdom teeth, but (no surprise to me) I don't have any on the lower jaw and the top jaw ones are still little, thank God. So hopefully they will stay out of the way until I am older and in better shape to handle the agony that awaits.

{disclaimer: don't read the next passage if you're gonna be eating something soon}

My older sister's wisdom tooth saga was basically that the idiot dentist guy left the gauze packing inside her gums, so it got all infected and shit. And she kept on insisting that he had left something inside her gums, and he was all like "No, I didn't, it's all in your imagination" but finally he had to listen to her, and he took out a 7" piece of clotted bloody nasty gauze from her gums.

My younger sister's wisdom teeth removal was so bad that she had an infected blood clot travelling down her neck. Her face was so swollen she had to go to the Doctor or the E.R., I can't remember which, and they dosed her up with antibiotics.
So is it any wonder I am scared and hoping that the little monsters will stay dormant for as long as possible?

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