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going to the movies is supposed to be relaxing, right?
Thursday, June 30, 2005

› by victoria

so last night, i came home and proudly announced to Biff that we were going to go to a movie. I asked him which movie he wanted to see, he said that he left the choice up to me, and I kind've (okay, really) wanted to see War of the Worlds. Even though it had Tom Cruise in it. Anyways, so we went out for coffee, waited for the movie time to approach (9:30 PM) paid for our relatively inexpensive movie tickets ($6.50 apiece, instead of $8.50, as is the case most of the time) and went into the movie theater.

Of course, we had to be sitting behind an annoying group of teenagers whom I remembered being high school freshmen when I was a was surreal. Of course, they didn't remember me, and I couldn't for the life of me recall their names, but I kept on whispering to Biff "those were kids who went to my highschool!" and he was all like "okay..."

We ended up having to move up to sit in the second row because of all the obnoxious teenagers playing musical chairs. The previews before the movie were punctuated by their hopping up and down like Lemmings from that annoying yet addictive 1990's CD-ROM game. I managed to catch that there were previews for "THE ISLAND" (looks okay, but not good enough to see), "KING KONG" (looks okay, but Peter Jackson, must you inject an element of LOTR in every movie you make? in The Frighteners it was the Ringwraiths, now in King Kong the island inhabitants look like orcs... ah well), "Chronicles of Narnia" (and I am a SUCKER for Narnia, I love the PBS series so much), and finally "Elizabethtown" which looked like

A.) an adorable romantic comedy and
B.) Orlando Bloom looks like he could be Biff's brother in that preview, and I was all like "OMG he-you are SO cute!"

Then the movie started. (WARNING, SPOILERS MAY BE AHEAD) And holy shit, was Robert Berry right in his review of WoTW, that it was an adrenaline rush. It was a terror rush. You start out innocently enough, with Tom Cruise playing a dockyard shipping car unloader, who comes home to be with his kids after his divorced wife drops them off to stay with him for the weekend. His older teenage son is annoying, but Dakota Fanning's character, Ruth, is just adorable. We only have a few minutes of 'quiet time' before the electromagnetic storms start to hit... and the sound editing for this movie was intense. The noise of the electromagnetic thunder/lightningstrikes is, I'm fairly sure, human screams that have been distorted and pulled through filters. Everything electric stops, and Tom Cruise (his character is named "Ray") goes to check things out and find his son, who borrowed his car. It's eerie, the cars are all stalled in the road and people are all gathering around to figure out what fell in the center of main street. And main street starts to open up under their feet, as an enormous tripod footed robot emerges and begins to echo the noise that had everyone in the theatre shaking in their boots (*the noise is so scary that Biff wouldn't let me turn the fan on last night, despite the fact it's like 92 degrees in the apartment, simply because the drone of the fan sounded a teeny bit like the drone/bellow). It sounds like "BBBBWWWWAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMBBBBB" except that onomonopeia doesn't do it justice. Holy shit, it is a scary noise. And then the death rays come out...

This movie was two hours of pure "Oh shit. Oh shit. Fuck no! NOOO!" stuff. I must've pulped up Biff's arm, I hurt my hand grabbing onto him so hard. The scene where the crowd steals Ray's car and beats him and his son's a terrifying glimpse into the darkness of human nature, as well as into the random alien destruction. Definitely the eerie factor got amped up for the "martian red weeds" stuff...I kept on seeing it in preview pictures, and until you watch the movie, you have no idea how creepy the stuff is, because it is made from human blood. The tripod ships, after exterminating about 98% of everyone, go around hunting up survivors and then re-enacting the Tropicana "stick a straw in the orange to suck out the juice" ritual, except with people. Abso-lute-ly terriying.

All in all, not the most relaxing movie to see. Actually, it wasn't relaxing at all, but I would give in an A+.

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