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a letter from me at work to biff
Thursday, August 4, 2005

› by victoria

To Biff:

honestly, you look a helluva lot like Johnny Depp nowadays, possibly because of the similar ancestry (add some native American in there?) and/or style choices/hair styles/tan.
You're patient. You write fantastic music. You're the cutest sleeping person that I've ever seen. You tell a damn good funny story. You cook better than I do; you also fold laundry, relate to animals, speak Spanish, make prank phone calls, run, surf, play guitar, and quit smoking better than I ever could. Now that you're into reading, you compliment me by saying that my taste in books is like your taste in music, which is a huge honor. I can safely say that you're allowed to recommend music to people: with my predilictions for silly music ranging from P.D.Q. Bach to Eurodance, either you like my music or you don't. Nope, definitely you have the best taste in music. You have the most fun 'phone voice' to talk to! You make me smile. You're a fantastic driver. You have a great sense of humor.

Maybe we disagree on some things--like who should get to hold the remote, whether it's okay to do the dishes at 9 Am on a saturday morning or not, communicating with family members, and whether a certain vampire movie is total shit or really good--but we agree on the really important things, things like sleeping in, POIROT being the best murder mysteries ever, making stir-fried-chicken together, caring about each other, and discussing whatever is interesting.

I'm glad we've decided to cut back on watching TV and read instead. I'm proud of you for getting so much done--probably because you know i'm a chronic procrastinator!

anyways, you rock.

missing you at work,

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