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nerves cubed
Monday, August 15, 2005

› by victoria

nerves nerves nerves.
Biff has gone to talk to the MIAD financial aid people. I am hoping & praying that everything goes well. then he is supposed to talk to his Grandma about getting student loans tonight, and I am hoping & praying that all goes well then, too.

I had a wonderful time over the weekend. Biff and I walked home last night and we sat in the park next to Riverside highschool on top of the big hill and watched the sun go down. I made a kickin' fruit salad with Jill, it had mangoes, strawberries, peaches, grapes, and papaya in it. Mmmm. We ate like champions who ate like kings yesterday (at least, that's what Biff said). Biff's muscles are getting all happy from the consistent consumption of protein.

Today just feels like a limbo day. I will go through my work, from 10:30 (i got here at 10, though) until 4 PM, and until I get home and talk to Biff and find out what is going on (because, perverse yet lovable guy that he is, he refused to bring the cell phone with him) I will try to keep quiet council to myself.

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