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i've got sunshine in a bag
Saturday, August 13, 2005

› by victoria

"Heineken...le roi du biere."

--a quote from an old french publicite that I used to watch a lot when I was a kid

Well, I had my first 2 bottles of Heineken last night. I do not drink often, at all. But when the occasion calls for it: when one's statistics class is finished, and one is tired & exhausted and wishes to party, then one may perhaps choose to imbibe. So we got a six-pack of Heineken bottles (*using some of the money I got from selling back my statistics book, muwahaha) and popped 'em open. It was really quite good, and I started to "feel it" after the first bottle, so opening up a second bottle apiece was frosting on the cake.

Listening to music was fun as well. We listened to my Don Tiki Adulterated album first--my fave song on that album is "An Occasional Man"--and then Hotel Costes 6, and then Biff put in Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin and it all sounded incredibly good. Perhaps that is why they play music in bars.

Anyways, I made it to work this morning. I wouldn't be able to type coherently if it weren't for the MONSTER energy drink I'm currently enjoying. I would love to be a spokesperson for MONSTER--their energy drink is the best. Seriously. It's replenishing the b-vitamins that my hangover sorely needs. I found this hilarious website called or something of the sort that seems like a bizarre marketing ploy. It takes emotional marketing to a whole new level: you should definitely check it out.

Also, thanks to my kind coworker Carolyn, i was able to walk (gingerly, because of my hangover) to the Central library and they were having a massive book sale where everything was 10 cents. For 70 cents, I got 7 hardcover books: the titles are

FLYERS by Daniel Hayes (*this one has particular significance for me, since it was the book I was reading during sophomore state standards testing back in highschool, and I was laughing too much at it, and they almost took me outside to yell at me like they did with Si Ritchie who was playing with Silly Putty, as I recall...)

THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOMORROW by Zoa Sherburne (the cover is awesome--I love those retro 70's-80's covers)

WEATHER EYE by Lesley Howarth (global warming, dystopian Young Adult novel--how could I resist??)

WHO'S AFRAID? AND OTHER STRANGE STORIES by Phillippa Pearce (again, I love short stories)

THE GIRL WITH THE SILVER EYES by Willo Davis Roberts (I love this book--first read it in Mr. Gutnik's 6th grade class, and I've searched for it ever since)

THE GREEN FUTURES OF TYCHO by William Sleator (who rules!! plus the cover design rocks, so I think I'll give this one to Biff)

2041 anthology edited by Jane Yolen (has my *FAVORITE* short story of all time in it--"Lose Now, Pay Later"--I can re-type the entire thing and post it in Art Colony if you want to read it, that's how good it is. In fact, I am making my co-worker Carolyn read it right now as I type).

So I feel like I've got "sunshine, in a bag" like the Gorillaz song--because for me, young adult novels/books are so totally the physical embodiment of summer. :)

Robin gets back from Silver Lake/Bay today--welcome back, Robin!-- and that makes me happy.

Oh, and Rider--welcome! I really like your name, too, even though that's a red herring and doesn't have to do with anything.

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