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don't panic!
Friday, August 19, 2005

› by victoria

"don't panic!"

--lloyd at the financial aid office

Okay, officially I owe a big "thank you" to Brendan. Brendan gave me the idea of going, myself, with Biff to the financial aid office yesterday. So I did, and actually, I found out some comforting information:

>There is no August 22nd deadline for the forms, so when Lloyd does finally get the correct fax & enters in the correct info, it is then that Biff can get his money or whatnot that he's entitled to

>Lloyd himself will enter the information, so it is only our responsibility to remind him. I was thinking of bringing him a pound of gourmet coffee or something as a gift (*I give gifts, not bribes!) to encourage him to enter Biff's information faster. or something. If it's not too sleazy...

Anyways, I could see how he and Biff wouldn't exactly be getting along like a house on fire. He seemed very flippant and dilletante-ish (odd qualities in a financial aid advisor, but hey), and Biff--at least when he's dealing with the particular subject at hand--gets super-intensely focused. So hopefully I helped things out.

I'd ask for good luck vibes on this, but the good luck fairy said she was "worn out" from visiting me too much. So I guess it will all be random scraps of luck! (unless the good luck fairy likes me again)

It's just nice to feel more relaxed. Yesterday we found this totally awesome store, The Milwaukee Antiques Center, that absolutely rocks. It has so much totally random, awesome vintage stuff that my mind was splattered all over the place...they had really old instruments, clothes, postcards, books, furniture, toys (lots of toys!), food containers, glass cups, plates, neon signs, clocks, fez hats, game boards, little souvenirs, ugly knick-knacks, 1930's and 40's condom containers, fossils, porcelain sculptures, jewelry, and especially these totally awesome vintage japanese enameled-lighters...I was seriously tempted by this one with a tiger and a dragon on it. I still want to go back and get it! Biff totally fell head-over-heels for a burgundy velvet sofa in good-as-new condition...It was such a fun store to explore, we had a blast.

It's weird to think about people living in the past. This statement may sound incredibly stupid, but I was thinking about all the things we take for granted--plastic, refrigerated food, soda, running water, toilets, electrical's an interesting thing to ponder.

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