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one must wear a snazzy jacket
Monday, August 22, 2005

› by victoria

I got a B in my statistics class, wonder of wonders! That might be the first B I have ever received in a math class that I didn't have to

A.) take twice, because I bombed it the first time or
B.) get sent back to remedial math to take.

I am very happy about this.

I am starting to paint again. I did 2 small watercolors on Saturday, and a big portrait on Sunday.

The air has that fresh full feeling of Fall in it already, which is weird. That is one of the things that I think I would miss if I had to move somewhere else--the smell of the energetic air of fall. (And no, it's not the hops & yeast from the various breweries). There are several things that must be done in the fall: one must watch "The Mighty" (I *love* that movie), one must wear a snazzy jacket, stomp about in crunchy leaves, drink hot chocolate, leave the windows open just a crack so that the room gets really cold and you have to hide under the covers to try to get warm, get scared for Halloween. Also, my birthday is in the fall, so I just love fall. The one thing I hate about fall is Thanksgiving. Oh, and the fact that it leads to winter.

Today is "Tribune Training" for my job as cartoonist for the college newspaper. I am of the opinion that I shouldn't need to go to training at all, especially since I get the distinct vibe that I won't be paid to attend these meetings. BLargh.

I walked to work today, wearing my favorite small jeans (Hurley) that Biff got me a long time ago. They are very tight-fitting jeans, that is just the way they are, and this random homeless-looking guy on the street came up and asked me if I wanted "one with him." It weirded me out, especially since I couldn't understand a word he said.

I talked to Biff's younger sister for 30 minutes on friday night. She was really friendly. She is 11, and loves to read and draw, so I felt a kinship with her almost immediately. She likes her cat, Midgit, and surfing, and she is learning how to skateboard. She's going to a private school for sixth grade. It was really fun to talk to her so long--especially when she started doing impersonations of Hermione Granger.

Finally, there is this professor who is copying microfilms down where I work right as I type, and he looks just like an older version of the guy in that "40-year-old Virgin" movie. Weird!

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