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BLOG: definition
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

› by victoria

This is my first full day of REAL classes, and i am whupped. And tired. And confused.

Starting off with ADPR 150, "Advertising & Public Relations on the Internet," at 9:35-10:50 AM. The professor seemed nice enough: I like the small class size: best part of the class was writing out the definition for "Blog" which the professor said (and I quote) is "a very important innovation, but it's so new it doesn't appear in our [2003?] book."

BLOG: definition is "a website that contains online personal journal with reflections, comments, and hyperlinks provided by the author."

And to think: they'd never suspect that I'd actually be writing one! Muwahahaha!

Then I ran to English 160, "Shakespeare," which is all the way across campus. There are way too many people in far too small of a room for the class, but it looks alright. I had the professor last semester for that class where we read "Romance and Epic Poetry." That went from 11-12:00 (it's supposed to last until 12:15 though).

I had a small break, where I ate my bagel with hummus and read my cartoon in the school newspaper. I also tried to call Biff because I want to remind him (lest he forget) that he does have a class today, from 3:30-6:30 PM. But he wasn't answering the phone so I just left a message...who knows, he might be doing the laundry or buying his 2 schoolbooks.

12:35-1:50 PM I had Marketing 146, "Studying Consumer Behavior." So far, I really like this class the best. No essays, just multiple choice exams, plus it's like anthropology with an added dash of sociology, a heavy shot of pop culture, and it's "practical" as well. (I love anthropology). The professor is this really cool, no-nonsense lady who is down-to-earth and honest about the fact that she has a bad short-term memory: as someone who has a lot of trouble with names (I have been known to call Robin's younger brother Biff's name occasionally, for example) I can appreciate this. I also read for fun a book called "Consumerism and Gender" which I found TOTALLY fascinating.

I just feel like I am getting my ass kicked by classes. It is weird to feel my brain churning back up into gear, slowly. I want to hang out with some friends really bad right now, or at least talk to someone I know well, just to vent.

I'm stuck at campus until 8:30 PM tonight in my Philosophy 104 class. Hooray. (actually, Blargh).

Help! I'm a Junior! When did this happen?!?!

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