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faccio mangiare il corvo
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

› by victoria

(the title meants "making me/someone eat crow")

Last night I was officially bowled over, and yet at the same time acting like someone infected with ganguro madness. Why?

Because when I got home from my mecha-long day o' classes (and b.t.w., my philosophy 104 professor from 5:35-8:30 PM is great! he almost even lives in the same neighbourhood as me...even though I have this nagging feeling that I may be the only liberal in the class, i think I will survive) at 9 PM, I opened the door was like Christmas in very late August. There were presents everywhere. It was insane. Insanely cool, though, because they were all from Biff's mom (and some were definitely from his 11-year-old younger sister, whom I think is adorable). I can try to list it below: it was VERY overwhelming. I felt how I imagine a wretched Dickensian orphan character in "Our Mutual Friend" or something feels when they find out that Mr. Whuffenplunk (or whatever their name might be) bestowed upon them a bounteous gift.

There was...

2 new shirts for Biff, really nice ones
A brand new pair of white & burgundy (?) leather VANS shoes--he needed new shoes, too, so that was brilliant
2 pairs boxer shorts
An adorable painting by his younger sister showing a fish living in a vase with some flowers
(it was watercolor on canvas, though, which struck me as an odd combination)
A small black porcelain buddha incense holder w/ very nice incense cones
A beautiful brand-new cashmere cardigan for me (!)
A Burberry Wallet, also presumably for me (!!!)
A small beaded purse with an elephant on it
"Destiny Dice"--these 2 cute little plastic dice which say positive things like "BECOME ONE" "WITH YOUR DREAMS" and "BELIEVE" "YOUR TRUE SELF". I love 'em.
2 small thing-a-ma-bob toys: they're like Mr. Potato head except even smaller
A flipbook (biff and I are both suckas for flipbooks)
2 boxes of gourmet tea: one was my favorite, Green Jasmine from Trader Joe's
Tons of minestrone mix, crackers, soups, and snacks
2 beautiful tea cups with porcelain infusers and lids
A soup tureen
A lovely little red koi asian money envelope from Uncle Denny's girlfriend, Jane, with money inside (we haven't opened it yet because Biff wants to save the envelope & frame it)
A $50 phone card (for our broke-as-hell phone that ran out of minutes last night)
$100 for Biff's textbooks

and last but definitely not least...
A lovely handwritten card

I am so deeply touched & I feel really lucky. I'm also very sorry about being so upset over the fugly tea set. Within, I feel like I am simultaneously jumping for joy and then groveling, saying "I'm not worthy!"

It was so terribly wonderful. I wrote her a 2 page long thank you email this morning!
Speaking of this morning, we got india ink all over the kitchen floor. Biff had this annoying assignment to paint 'lines' with india ink to represent was weird...anyways, he hated the bamboo brush he was supposed to paint with, so first he tried doing it with sharpie markers and got frustrated. Then he tried painting by dribbling the ink down the paper and it got all over the floor. He hates both the pieces...I just keep on telling him to relax, it's just a beginning assignment, and not to take it too seriously. Other than playing that "Relax, just do it" song, how can I convey to Biff the importance of relaxing about stuff (without seeming like a totally stressed-out hypocrite myself)?

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