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the word is...word.
Tuesday, September 6, 2005

› by victoria

(that is my latest saying--I stole it from the SEALAB 2021 "Tinfins" episode where they have the 2 cheezy film directors saying ridiculous slang...gotta quote it.)

That said, I wish I could scan and post the cartoon i did for my college newspaper about the Hurricane victims...I made the 1st part of it a warm welcome for the 80+ students that my university is accepting from those that were devestated by Katrina, and the 2nd half a call to donating to the various jars collecting money for the Red Cross and other charities.

I've missed typing on the 'bot for the past few days: it's weird not to really *have* internet access... Currently I am multi-tasking, trying to both type this post and edit my Art Club (i'm the pres.) email address list, because I am tired of it being cluttered with all the names of the people who never came to art club meetings, or, if they did attend one, were so totally weirded out that they never came back for seconds.

Eve, I'm sure you will be happy to hear that I took your advice to heart and I just mailed off a one-of-a-kind, handpainted with much laborious detail by yours truly, Thank you card to Biff's mom. I put a maneki neko on the front because I like them so much, and I love to share the good luck & happiness that they represent.

I like the professor in my marketing class very much. I instinctively knew she was from the Western part of the U.S. (my guess was Arizona or New Mexico) but actually she is from California like Biff, which I thought went a long way towards explaining her total open-mindedness and the way she can confidently, brazenly discuss auras and other such fascinating phenomena in front of an audience largely composed of hostile "Great Stone Faces," as i am fond of saying, with the occasional interested person. Personally, I'm fascinated by stuff like auras, psychometry (*although she didn't discuss that), subliminal perception, etc. Very interesting stuff. Today she was talking for an hour about how humans perceive so little of the light spectrum, of the total range of sounds, smells, etc. that we basically see hardly anything at all compared with animals like dogs, bats, elephants, etc. that can hear/see/perceive things so much better than we feeble humans can...

She also taught us how to distinguish between fresh and stale tortillas:
fresh tortillas will bend when you lift the package, and flop up and down.
stale tortillas stay firm when you lift the package and shake it up and down.

Cool, huh?

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