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bad luck with beverages
Wednesday, September 7, 2005

› by victoria

I thought the "Stacker 2" energy drink in the bright pink and green cans were normal energy drinks but oh, how sorely mistaken I was...yesterday morning before my ADPR 150 class I decided to open my can of "Pounding Punch" and the first few sips of it told me that it was the most revolting energy drink the world has ever seen. It tasted so nasty, I'm not even sure I could describe it. It tasted like a nasty headache mixed with toothpaste and that gagging sensation that you get from stinky airplane toilets. I threw it out. So please, be forwarned: lest you think that these energy drinks are worthy of consumption, DON'T DO IT. Drink a delicious MONSTER energy drink instead! I wish I had...

waking up this morning was so insanely difficult, and I don't even know why. I tried making myself a cup of Nestle "Frothe" with cold water instead of hot (it's been an awfully warm September so far in Milwaukee) and instead of having a delicious foamy froth on top, it looked like muddy well water with chunks of gravel floating around on top. Blargh. Even adding 2 ice cubes made it barely palatable...maybe that's just my luck. I think I'll be sticking to tap water for a while.

Getting home at 9 PM last night, I ended up talking to the landlady for almost an hour. We had a very interesting discussion...I didn't want Biff to get worried about where I was (*since i had the cell phone with me). She gave me some homemade chicken soup and we talked about Minnie (her cat, which had to be put to sleep last week, very sad) and furniture and it was a very nice conversation.

When I headed upstairs, Biff drew 4 drawings for his homework: one of his hand, one of his foot, and two drawings of my legs since I was sitting back and reading while wearing shorts and a tank top.

Finally, the college students who snuck in as journalists are the absolutely most kick-ass college students of all time. even more so than those brilliant college students who write sonatas & graduate from Yale at 14...I mean, those students had guts and determination and they were tough as hell to do that. I applaud them.

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