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miss posting every morning
Thursday, September 8, 2005

› by victoria

i miss posting every morning regular as clockwork. like kirsten says, it's weird not to have a chance to do that. I am also extremely, extremely pissed off at right now because i JUST SPENT AN HOUR adding names to the address book for art club and it appears that none of them have been added. WTF?!?! my head hurts.

this morning I missed my 1st class. I was running to the bus stop and the #30 bus driver must've seen me, but no, he made the bus haul ass so that I was left standing in the dust thinking the profound thought that "the bus waits for no one". Well, I thought it was profound at the time. I was also thinking the profound thought of "fuck this" so I headed back to the apartment and helped Biff go to find a glue gun and some illustration board. the glue gun we found at the Ace Hardware store down the street, and the Illustration board was at Utrecht, but I cut my left hand open taking the illustration board down so now i have a bandaid right near the base of my thumb, which is annoying because band-aids in that area never stick on quite right. they sort've flop around because the palm of your hand sweats, especially when you're left-handed and trying to scrunch your hand to take notes.

the sweater I am wearing smells like dog kibble. I am so puzzled by this. I can't wait to go and take a shower to wash off the smell of doggy kibble. Eeew. I don't roll around in bacon bits, so how did this happen?

Last night I baked a cake and while I was baking the cake and waiting for it to cool and frosting it, I watched the movie the corporation which, if you haven't seen it, you ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH. It's amazingly well-done. Amazing-amazing-amazing. It's neither liberal nor conservative, if you're worried that it's a political film or something. It's just an incredible documentary showing the many, many faces of corporations. The version that i watched (educational version) was not short--2 hours, 30 minutes or something like that--but I couldn't peel my eyes away, it was so compelling. Check-it-out.

I also saw "Da Ali G Show" for the first time & Biff and I thought it was hilarious. His favorite segments of the show usually involved Borat: I thought Bruno & Ali G were pretty darn funny as well. (*In case you were wondering, no, i do not have cable, I rented it on DVD from the library).

I haven't had an energy drink for 2 days. :)

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