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Saturday, September 10, 2005

› by victoria

sometimes I think about what i would do if I was suddenly transported to a desert isle or something. would i be prepared? judging by the contents of my purse right now, which are, to be precise:

1 ugly small silver rubber-folding hairbrush

1 small can of pepper spray (the pump kind of can--Biff insisted on giving this to me)

16 cigarettes left in a Natural American Spirit Lites pack

A gold pen that says "Marquette" on it

My keys: 2 keys on several keychains all looped together with stuff like a picture of a plastic frog that says "C'mon Baby just one little kiss. I swear, I'm a prince, Trust me. Look at this face, would I lie?" etc. that I got in seventh grade; a wooden carved keychain that says "VICTORIA" on it that we got while driving thru Tennessee once: a Limousin keychain from France: a little Shakespeare keychain fob that says "Stratford-Upon-Avon." Plus "Don't Drink & Drive," a cheap l'il keychain that our local cops gave out to the highschoolers back when I was a highschooler.

A brand new pack of matches

Hi-shine lip gloss

2 advils

(someone took my acetaminophen pills--either that, or i forgot to replenish them--and this is making me upset!)

A small bag of kleenex

(snap! I found 2 doses of acetaminophen! w00t!)

Lip mousse, butterscotch flavored

Carolyn's phone number

Eyeliner without a cap

Eyeglasses repair set

E.L.F. clarifying pressed powder

E.L.F. compact mirror

Tons of old receipts

A Kinko's photocopying card

All my various I.D.'s, library cards, bus passes, etc. all in 2 handy carrier-things

2 lighters: a Bic one that works and a sparky-one that a gas station gave me for free because it doesn't work for shit

More receipts

95 cents in change

2 ponytail holder bands

5 small novelty buttons (*one has a chameleon wearing a sombrero on it)

Tons more receipts and coupons

Would I be able to survive on the isolated tropical isle using only the contents of my purse? An interesting thought.

It's really fun to see Robin be full of energy. It makes me so happy when we are able to hang out & we can crack jokes & stay up late enough to watch "Batman & Robin" which is the worst batman movie--possibly even more so than "Batman 1966."

Robin says Catwoman is the best Batman villain, whereas I kinda like Poison Ivy the best.

I wish she had won in the movie--I mean, all that vamping & pheremone-huffing & dressing like Scary Spice...that was some good stuff. Also, just in case you actually have the chance to watch the movie, please notice how very, very 90's it is... from the "I have to liberate Alfred from being your butler!" theme to the "Women who rely on sex appeal to get them what they want are in the end, powerless" to the "We're all a team. We're all a family" thing.

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