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Monday, September 12, 2005

› by victoria

Saturday morning my sinuses hurt. It got progressively worse & worse throughout the day; my body temperature kept rising, head kept on hurting, nose getting congested, and I was still at work. By the time I got off work & crashed at Robin's place, I was so sick. It didn't help that I was sick-on-top-of-being-sick-already, and I couldn't double-up on the medicine so it was either Sudafed or Midol, a toss-up between the 2 depending on which half of my body was making me more miserable.

I felt really guilty because I knew--with that preternatural sense of knowing that can only come from shit happening before--that I was going to get Biff sick. Like that episode of Ren & Stimpy where Ren gets REALLY sick so Stimpy has to take care of them, then Stimpy gets sick and vice-versa. So Saturday night I am out-out-out, drinking an entire bottle of Children's congestion relief syrup so that I can breathe during the night (don't worry, it was a small bottle & only 3/4 full anyways, and I drank it every 2 hours or whenever I'd wake up feeling like I was being smothered by hot towels). Sunday morning Biff and I headed our merry way, him starting to get sick and me just straight trippin' cuz I am so exhausted & feeble.

It doesn't help that it's like 92 degrees and the sun is blasting down on us. We get home to our apartment and immediately Biff jumps in & takes a shower, I wait until he's done &then I take a bath (*sick people need baths! because we sweat so much), and he works on some homework. I take a nap. Then we both take a nap. At this point, it doesn't even seem as though taking Sudafed does any good, but we are still taking it and drinking lots of orange juice & eating chicken soup. (*thank you, Jill, for the chicken soup). We were trying to work on a homework assignment for Biff last night where he had to cut little bits of paper into some kind of elaborate mosaic but it was total bullshit (as far as assignments go) and when you have 2 really sick people trying to focus on something like that it just doesn't work.

We went to bed at like 10:30 PM. I actually slept fairly decently (only had to wake up every 4 hours or so to put on a different tank top) and I think Biff's fever broke during the night since when he woke up he looked like his face had healthy-looking color in it and was no longer covered in sweat. (*Also, all night he was talking in his sleep, either saying "So cold" and covering himself with the entire blanket, or throwing off the blanket entirely because he was presumably really hot). I had really funky dreams--I sincerely believe that being sick, especially with a high fever, is like a guaranteed route to seeing as much funky shit as one would see if one were taking some kind of unhealthy drug--and woke up saying "THAT'S FANTASTIC!" really loud. I had a positive dream I guess.

The way I look at this has 3 angles:

One, this had better not fuck up Biff's and my heading-back-to-school experience.

Two, this is a chance for me to try to quit smoking for good-good. Seriously. Because being this sick not only makes the thought of smoking quite frankly terrifying and oppressive, but also I've been cleansing my body of toxins and it's like I've been given the chance to try to make a fresh start.

Three, Robin is totally one of the best people to have by your side when you are sick (or just generally in a crisis). Probably because she has had so much experience (sadly) with being sick, but she knows how to cheer people up & be a great presence better than anyone. She would be a great head of FEMA.

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