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cappuccino girl
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

› by victoria

i am tired of having a fever. Last night i sat like some kind of bizarre afflicted saint, clutching 2 glasses filled with ice in my hands watching the ice visibly melt because my hands and my head were blazing with heat-rays. Same last night and this morning, too. the heat rises up from deep inside my lungs, especially the left one which was making funny noises this morning. Biff was scared for me.

I have made it to all my classes so far today.

But here I have an ethical dillemma for my Philosophy of Ethics class: should I stay from 5:45-8:30 pm for my phil 104 class? or should I ask the professor if i could please leave at "halftime" (around 7:00)?

my bones ache, and my throat builds up the need to cough until I sound terrifying in my magnitude. other than that, my voice is so small and weak.

5 days without smoking. yay for me!

today in my adpr 150 class, both the professor himself and another faculty member who just happens to be taking the class to review it or something came up to me at seperate times and called me "cappuccino girl" because i wrote in a letter to the Shepherd Express weekly local indie newspaper saying that they were negligent in omitting Brewing Grounds cafe' from their list of good places to go and get (duh) cappucinno. I thought it was funny.

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