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as I was saying earlier to Stu...
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

› by victoria

I have this great cough today. It doesn't hurt anymore--my lungs are greatly improved, thanks, and I don't want to jinx myself but i'm fairly sure that the fever & body aches/chills are gone--but this congestion builds up in my throat until I have to cough, and when I do, it scares people. I think it's just a tiny bit funny. It makes me feel like Billy Bones from Treasure Island when he goes "Git me a pint o' grog! Coughhackhackhack."

I think I'm getting better, though. I ended up talking to my philosophy professor and he was really cool about letting me go home, because at the beginning of class I was starting to sweat & get all feverish and dizzy again. I went home & took a hot bath & heard some fantastic news for Robin: they're going to try the neuro-stimulator thing in her back to see if it stops some of her chronic pain! so Congratulations Robin! That is very good news for her & it makes me happy.

I am currently stressed-out about the whole student loan "shit"-uation. Biff is working so hard trying to get everything together & the stress from it is probably what made him get the fever again last night. (on the other hand, saying "the fever" makes it sound like some goofy tropical disease from Sherlock Holmes... :) What I should say is, the stress from being uncertain about which student loan to choose, and whether they will approve him or not, made him feverish again last night.

Also, the weather has been acting bizarre. Last night, judging by the ominous stormclouds and furiously blowing wind, we should've had a gigantic thunderstorm but instead it was just a piddly rain. Very bizarre.

Maybe those were the winds of change blowing in? Bringing good news, hopefully.

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