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the amazing vagaries of the internet
Thursday, September 15, 2005

› by victoria

Ah, the amazing vagaries of the internet, the massive twisting pathways that lead and connect bizarre synapse-links. one blog writer to another. If Brian is reading this--Hi Brian!

(please don't blow my cover)


Actually, the thought of anyone I know personally, (especially from "back in the day") reading this, is odd. I mean, Robin and Biff, it's like, okay, partly because they know me consistently & very closely and chances are, they'll hear from me every day/see me every day. Being part of "the inner circle" makes them already know what I'm posting.

With friends like Isabelle and Robert et al., I like it when they leave comments to show their presence & acknowledge my existence in return. I care about my friends & it's interesting to watch people evolve.

That said, I am very impressed with Brian's website. It's just particularly mind-bending for me because of all the mutual backhistory going on here which requires just a teensy bit of explanation. Okay, a lot of explanation. Basically, Brian is the step-brother of my younger sister's husband. Which makes us vaguely related...I think? Anyways, I've known him a long time, ever since we first met at Irish Fest when my younger sister & all her friends & her boyfriend & all his friends were hanging out there, and I was the chaperone (ha ha! how old was I? 14?) and I said he looked like Charlie from the 1970's movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and he replied with a hilarious and matter-of-fact "Fuck you!" It kind've mellowed out from that point...despite my younger sister & her then-boyfriend's tumultuous on-off-on-off-on-off relationship, I always got along fairly well with Brian. Now that he's a very talented web designer & blogger, it's just bizarre because I remember funny stuff like when there was Freshmen Dress-up day back in highschool and I dressed-up 7 freshmen amongst whom was Brian (I think I dressed him up as a greek statue one year--other people I dressed up as Carmen Miranda, Wonder Woman, "your worst nightmare," Female Pimp, Male Ho in was a blast).

Anyways, here's a big hello!

And remember, ladies n' gents who know me... please keep mum about my identity. I try to respect other people's right to privacy & privacy is very important to me (or at least anonymity is) considering the fact that I grew up having no privacy whatsoever. My stuff was continually rummaged through and searched through every 5 minutes. I haven't had a cigarette in 7 days, but when I start thinking about how my personal belongings were searched through like it was 1941 Berlin trainstation time, it makes me want to light up a Natural American Spirit with the quickness.

Last night Biff and I watched "Wolfen" while finishing up his 6 equilateral triangle art project. We took 5 of the equilateral triangles and glued them together and covered them with tightly-packed layers of lentil beans glued on with Elmer's, and then spray-painted it white. It looked really quite modern, in a Calatrava-on-Crack way. We then glued another triangle to hold it up as the base. "Wolfen" was the shittiest movie I have seen in a long time, brought down to the base of the list of really bad movies that I have seen simply because of its ridiculous racist against Native Americans content. It was bullshit, plain and simply put. The spirits of wolves haunt the south bronx & they start killing people when a wealthy mogul decides to build a landscape project on top of their ruins... WTF?!

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