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2 things that are scary
Saturday, September 17, 2005

› by victoria

the first thing that is scary:
when Biff becomes almost helplessly sick, with a weird sheen of sweat on his face and his fever making his skin feel like it's been freshly ironed... it's a very scary feeling. It almost makes me want to be a doctor because I want to save him from the illness (*and what's odd is that we thought he had gotten better but Friday morning he woke up and felt rotten so we both spent all day indoors taking care of him and he got better in the afternoon but in the evening when the sun went down his fever came up to a pitch...under Jill's advice I threw some random clothes on and went to buy him gatorade & he glugged that and I stayed up super-late watching him and reading The Historian and listened to his breathing get calm and felt his forehead and he was cooling down to a normal temperature...It was very scary, though).

The second thing that is scary was this random guy whom I was sitting in front of on the bus today. He was fairly tall, looked like an early 30's year old white male with super-short cut red-blond hair and a baseball hat on his head, and at first when i sat in front of him he was quiet, but then he started to get all worked-up and spew out random hate speech. Maybe he was mentally imbalanced, I don't know, but he was saying the n-word and the f-word (not the regular "fuck" as "f-word," although he was using that plenty as well--it was more like the mega-offensive epithet for homosexuals) and just ranting and raving. It was scaring me, and then when he kicked the back of my bench so violently that everything shook, I got up and moved because the last thing i wanted was the back of my head recieving the same treatment.

other than that, the weather outside is beautiful, Robin's pain-relieving treatment has so far offered her a great deal of relief! Which is fantastic, and hopefully we will get some good news soon.

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