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is easy 'cuz you're beautiful...
Sunday, September 18, 2005

› by victoria

Why do I have that demented song "Lovin' You" stuck in my head?

There is so much to do that sometimes I think my brain short-circuits and drives me to believe that finishing The Historian is my numero-uno priority. Not, say, doing research for my ADPR 150 topic company (*don't worry, I'll start looking 'em up tomorrow) or trying to fix my ADPR 142 "research questions." I am rather frustrated with that class. I go in there and have a really positive attitude--I am like the only person willing to raise my hand and answer questions and show what my mom would call buona vuolonta...and I get a zero on my research questions. (well, i actually got a 1 but she herself said she was giving out "pity points" so that makes me feel ridiculous).

I went over and visited Robin yesterday evening--and yes, I was singing "Lovin' You" all of yesterday as well--and we had a great time! I really enjoyed watching "Battle Angel Aleta" and was rather sad to find out they only made 2 episodes of it. I think that maybe they do that on purpose for the best animes, like Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, which never seem to last long enough... It was just so wonderful to see Robin smiling freely. I mean, not to say that Robin didn't smile before, because she did! But it's more like watching the smile of someone who isn't in terrible pain--it's a more easy smile. We heated up some microwave entrees and watched "Troy," which was so incredibly depressing and silly and stupid, for Robin to make witty comments about it was like shooting ducks in a barrel...and then we watched "The Rock" which I had never seen (!) and really, you can't go wrong with a Sean Connery film. Then Jill gave me a really thoughtful ride home, I got home at 1 AM, and poor Biff was asleep (I felt so guilty about leaving him alone, but he insisted that I go hang out with Robin & he said he'd call if he needed anything) with awful congestion and a bit of a fever. He got through last night and this morning he seems to be doing quite a bit better. So each day, hopefully, we can tackle it and get better & better.

Except for getting "Lovin' You" out of my head!

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