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advantages & disadvantages
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

› by victoria

advantages to quitting smoking:

the ability to really breathe in deeply and fill my lungs with air.

somehow I also feel like I can move my legs around more when I walk and I have more energy.

my singing voice is pretty again.

disadvantages to quitting smoking:

around late afternoon I miss smoking so much that I become like King Otto of Bavaria; i believe he was the monarch who enjoyed the luxury of "shooting" one of his subjects (actually an actor) with a gun loaded with blanks every afternoon.

I miss not having anything to do when I get lonely/bored while waiting for the bus.

Smoking also provides you a sense of connection to other people, in a strangely unhealthy sort of way.

I thought I came up with a brilliant & cunning plan yesterday that could make millions: sell cigarettes individually so that the tempted wannabe smoker wouldn't have to buy a whole goddamn pack when all they really want is one. But my illusion of originality was shattered during phil 104 when 2 guys in my class said that someone already does that--sell individually packaged cigarettes--usually at inner-city gas stations.

I have resisted temptation thus far. It helps that most people smoke nasty cigarettes, though.

Brands that are not nasty, according to me:
Natural American Spirits
The expensive Camels
Lucky Strikes (sometimes)

and...I think that's about it.

So I hope I can stay strong.

Today is laundry day!

and yesterday Biff's performance art piece was a hit with both his classmates and the professor. His set-up: turning off all the lights and using only his brought-in rice lantern for illumination, playing some 1920's music by Duke Ellington, opening up some random envelopes/mail (at least, i think that's what he did) and then shaving off his mustache and goatee in front of the class. People really liked it--I think it was definitely different from most of the other peoples. Verbal communication is overrated.

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