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I love talking to people!
Thursday, September 22, 2005

› by victoria

Today i spent an hour, possibly even an hour and a half, talking to my marketing professor after class. She actually came up to me first and asked how to rent a video from the library, and seeing as I work in the A/V section, I was glad to show her (and to recommend or possibly force her to rent "Princess Mononoke" because it is an amazingly good movie). Anyways, we were sitting outside talking, she was smoking Marlboro 100's (I don't know how anyone could smoke 100's, they are like the nastiest kind of cigarette ever...a mystery) and then this random guy came up to us, he had been in her classes a few years ago. We all sat for a while and chatted until like 3:30 and then this random guy was all like, hey you want to get a cup of coffee? so we ended up chatting about his business ventures and all kinds of things, I mentioned that I had a boyfriend at least 3 times so it's not like he knew he was going to be getting a girlfriend or something, but we had a very cool conversation and I made a new friend. It was a blast.

I love talking to people!

People are so interesting to talk to!

I could listen all day. I sincerely like to listen to you talk about where you're from, and what are your favorite BBC sitcoms, and why don't you like a random cafe, or what is your opinion of open-source software, and sci-fi movies.

In a different vein, I am sincerely worried about Biff. He turned the cell phone off, as far as I can tell, all day today. This really worries me. I hope to God everything is okay with him!

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