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getting lost in the war zone of Walker's point
Saturday, September 24, 2005

› by victoria

so yesterday was brilliant because it was a "hanging out" day.

Biff and I slept in (for once) and then I called the Milwaukee Public library people about the job interview set-up letter they sent me and it turns out I can't work there because of my schedule constraints. So that was done with. Then I noticed that Alterra coffee was hiring so I went & picked up and application & hopefully they'll give me a try...I mean, no coffee place *EVER* hires me! not ever! and I would love to make coffee for people and be a happy coffee person!

So I will give it another shot.

(ha ha, get it? bad pun)

Anyways, then Biff and I walked down to Brewer's Hill to check out the Brewer's Hill apartments. They are currently being built over in Brewer's Hill right now & they said they had an "assisted rent" program which sounds terribly tempting right now, especially considering that no matter which way I slice it--and this is a stress sandwich--we are gonna be like, $250 short for rent this month. Oh, and update on the student loan thing: Biff has done everything correctly for the student loans/aid, his mom has done everything correctly, it's the guy at the Fin. Aid office who keeps on fucking up. Anyways, so we walked by the building but it was literally being built so it's not as though we could go inside for a tour--Biff called the phone number of the agency & left a message inquiring about the apartments, and then we continued walking to visit AQUA EXHIBITS, which is this totally fun tropical fish emporium halfway between Brewer's Hill and Downtown in Milwaukee. We go to look at the sharks, anemones,'s always fun. Then we get a call from the Brewer's Hill apts. guy saying that he can set us up with a tour *that very day* at 4:30 p.m.

Yay! So then we wanted to look for the Kunzelman-Esser loft apartments, which are cool in that they are specifically built & designed for artists, except they're like trying to find a frikkin' UNICORN because they are HIDDEN...we literally got lost in Walker's point, which looks like a bombed-out war zone, looking for these apartments. I'm so serious. This place is so God-forsaken and wretched-looking that not only were we lost, but this car pulled up to us and the two men inside were asking us for directions! So we are getting tired & hungry at this point, so I got us a soda. Then we take the bus back to brewer's Hill and we meet the guy for the tour, he's handing us pith helmets to tour the construction, and then we mention in passing that we're both full-time students and he is all like "Oh no!"--his face falls. He explains that we can't live there if we're both full-time students. At least he was very nice about it and we were all like "c'est la vie!"

But we went to Brewing Grounds afterwards and sat quietly sipping a cappucinno watching the clouds move around.

Then we went to UWM's union and saw this totally awesome Japanese movie Nobody Knows in the UWM-Union theatre for free! it was really cool, they just let us in for free because we were 20 minutes late...the movie was deeply, deeply moving. I was crying at the end. I think Biff was almost crying but he wouldn't admit it even if he were.

The movie lets out at 10 PM and I was crying so we had to calm down and then we took the #30 bus home and had microwave dinners and went to bed. All in all a very nice day.

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