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left-handed "I can't help it" death wish
Monday, September 26, 2005

› by victoria

Apparently, being a left-handed woman just got even more dangerous. I'm serious!
check it out here. I'm at a 39% higher rate for developing breast cancer!

I am also more than twice as likely than you righties to suffer from bowel diseases.

I am also at a higher risk of simple "mortality" according to this swedish study. I am wayy more likely to die of unnatural causes--37%! I've even got a higher risk of "dental trauma."

Ergo, what's the point? As a left-hander I am teetering through a world that is clearly out to get me. Smoking would be less likely to kill me than I would be likely to kill myself with a damn can opener. (can openers are so right-handed-oriented, it's insane. I hate them!).

It rained So MUCH this weekend. Apart from Saturday evening, it poured steadily down (and occaisionally sideways) all day Sunday, making me feel like a bit of a prisoner. Only being stuck in the apartment wasn't so bad--I cleaned it up really nicely and helped encourage Biff get his mega-amounts-of-homework-done and caught up on my readings.
Am getting more stressed out by the day about the whole financial situation. Hoping things will get better soon. Wishing I had more time--I haven't seen Robin in more than a week!

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