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the top 5 best & worst field trips of all time
Tuesday, September 27, 2005

› by victoria

I am intimidated by the very title of my philosophy 104 Exegetical paper that is due on tuesday of next week.

This is an exegetical analysis of selected text from the Nicomachean Ethics. Exegesis is a close reading of the text that aims to say what is there, what it means, how it relates to other main ideas in the text, and how it fits in the whole. The aim is not to give an overall interpretation of the whole book or to evaluate its claims. The aim is solely to understand what is said by Aristotle in your focal text (options listed below), giving a line by line analysis of the sentences and terms of that passage. The stylistic challenge is to write a piece that flows organically, that presents well organized thoughts from a main idea through clearly related supporting and illustrating points, leading to a conclusion, while still paying attention to the details and nuances of the text. Steadfastly avoid the impulse to divide the sentences of the passage into a list: you are writing a whole paper.

And it has to be 5 pages long! Eeeep!

Today Biff got to go on a field trip to Chicago, to the Art Institute. He had cold feet about going, primarily because he had to get up so early, and I replied that he should be happy he gets to go on a field trip because they're fucking awesome. I mean, I MISS going to field trips.

The top field trips of all time (that i remember) from my school daze:

1.) Going to Venice with my italian culture study group

2.) Going to the Shedd Aquarium in 6th grade! Man, I loved that field trip...awesome wasn't even a strong enough word to describe it. We even went to the big stores on Michigan was brilliant.

3.) Going on my freshman year of highschool's big orchestra trip to London! that was awesomely fun...

4.) Going on Watershed Wisdom: that class was one big field trip. Some good experiences (paddling down a peaceful stretch of river), some bad experiences (having my camping stove explode).

5.) Going to UWM film festivals with my highschool french class.


1.) Winter Experience and Outdoor Education--the two mandatory weekend-long trips that our middle school made us attend. Dear God, whose intelligent idea was it to send a bunch of hateful middle schoolers out into the woods? I remember being stuck in a cabin full of popular girls: I had never felt so unwanted and wretched. Miserable, miserable weekends.

2.) Any one of the "retreats" that my Confirmation Class made me take. Enough to drive atheism into my soul with such games as "Do you Love your Neighbour?"

3.) The J.A.S.O.N. project--another winning idea from the minds at my middle school. Combine both grades (7th and 8th graders) and make them miserable doing stupid busy work projects to supposedly study science and technology! ha ha ha! I hated these more than anything. The only remotely funny thing we ever did was to go to the S.C. Johnson Wax headquarters to watch a movie on a screen supposedly as big as an IMAX--it wasn't anywhere as big, and the movie was this hilarious piece of crap from the 1970's.

4.) The Orchestra activity things that they would make you do in highschool where you'd have to spend the whole day at like, Kewauskum highschool and only perform for 5 minutes, plus I'd make a total fool of myself because my duet partner hadn't practiced their part because they were in florida so we sounded like shit...

5.) Touring the Milwaukee Sewage processing plant: it was very similar to that X-Files "HOST" episode where the fluke man is flopping about in the scary! Plus the guys who worked there were insane.

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