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wonderful things will happen
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

› by victoria

Thanks Kristen for your wish! I feel much better now knowing that Biff's mom sent us a check so we will be alright for rent this month. I'm so relieved it's insane. I also, unfortunately, have to do some homework that I didn't get done last night or yesterday because I was so insanely busy, like, literally I didn't even get to eat dinner until 11:30 PM and i was ravenously hungry. Anyways these are a few random things that I was thinking about lately & would like to share:

I grew up reading Andrew Lang's Red Fairy Book (probably a first edition of it, seeing as it was an ancient hardcover with few and far between lovely illustrations that was kind've falling apart) and there was this one story in it that totally is so reality TV show it's not even funny. DISCLAIMER: this is a rather old story so it will have unpleasant & not necessarily fair elements in it that, reading now, are quite despicable, for example equating being ugly with being evil. That being said, it should be a reality TV show entitled "Don't fall for the first good-looking/charming guy you come across because he's probably a total selfish asshole when it counts." You get some charming quotes like

"`I wish you might find a wolf to eat you up,' growled Fanfaronade."

Anyways, I always enjoyed these stories and they're all archived online here.

Second thought is that as soon as I rent Charlie & the Great Glass elevator by Roald Dahl and I have a little bit more time I HAVE TO TYPE IT UP here so that everyone can read how uncannily accurate Roald Dahl's portrayal of Lancelot R. Gilligrass, American president, applies to George W. It's also very funny.

Thirdly, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of Giant Humboldt Squid. What with all the giant squids in the news lately (check out's new photographs of them in their ocean depths...and it's an odd synchronicity in itself seeing as Biff just wrote a paper on the Giant Squid for his english class) I feel that more attention should be drawn to the Giant Humboldt Squid menace. They're fucking scary!

Fourthly, I hope everyone has a really enjoyable wednesday.

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