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my first football game
Saturday, October 1, 2005

› by victoria

I have no idea what the name of this particular DVD set is, but Robin had been saving it to watch with us and when we headed over to her house yesterday we got to watch approximately 80% of one of the most hilarious, badly-made films I have ever seen...and I just found the title searching the IMDB! Oh, thank goodness because I don't think I could possibly go without sharing this comedy gem with you all: it's entitled Back from Hell, it was made in 1993 (?!?!), and i think that Matt Jaissle, as the director, is trying seriously to wrestle the title for "Worst Director of All Time" away from Ed Wood. Our hero is a pudgy white guy [played by Larry DuBois] in bleached jeans (that mysteriously shed bloodstains, one of the multitude of continuity errors) with a fantastic duck's ass pompadour hairdo. Anyways, he confesses to his friend Father Scarborough that he sold his soul to Satan in Hollywood--quite casually and matter-of-fact--and so now they both have to deal with the fact that Satan's coming to earth to get his due. Oh, and by the way (he notes with surprising lackadaisical attitude), "we should probably put these bodies down with the others in the basement."

there's a lot of ridiculously splattery gore--who knew that running a knife across the back of someone's neck led blood to spurt out like a geyser?

Another priceless scene ensues when Father Scarborough is turning through a bible that his aunt left in her house and this terrifying purple plastic hand explodes from the pages and grabs onto his face. He pulls it off his face, only to have the hand grab his crotch as he screams in agony and begins pounding the plastic hand. Oh, this movie is truly horrifically bad and I only wish that Robin & I had had the energy to stay up as late as we wanted to in order to watch the end of it. As it stands, we both collapsed out of sheer exhaustion around 11 PM and I have been lucky in having a bit of a late start since I only have to work from noon-6 PM today at the library.

I also have to start tackling that pesky Aristotle exegetical paper thing except that I

A.)really don't want to do it (but I know I have to, :sigh:)
B.) there are all these fans down here blowing away the moisture from the leaks last week that got water all over the basement, so the noise of the fans is driving me batty enough as it is!

At least I can dwell on all the fun things I've gotten to do...talking with Robin was extremely entertaining, as usual, as we came up with a list of celebrities that should be gotten rid of. Or at least, forced to be on humiliating reality TV shows. People like Cameron Diaz, Donald Trump, Nicky Hilton (the Hilton sisters drive Robin crazy, but particularly Nicky), etc. etc. And then talking with Jill was really fun, except with world events the way they are, talking about it from a legal point of view is exceedingly depressing. Personally, I think that Jill should be the next supreme court justice. But that's just me.

I also miss posting every day on my blog, badly. Biff and I had a wonderful time on Friday morning just chillin' and meandering over to Robin's house, stopping to visit various cool things along the way. Biff is becoming a better artist every day--he sketches constantly and it's so fun to watch him. He is really talented in not only his art but also his music.

Yesterday evening, Biff, Robin and I all headed over to the football game at the highschool to watch Adam play in the marching band...he was sketching in his notebook the people sitting ahead of us in the bleachers, whilst Robin and I made disparaging comments about the other team and ate hot dogs. (Biff had a hot dog too, except he saved it to eat after he finished his drawing). It was awesome. It was even the first football game I'd ever attended, and our football team is almost famous statewide for our losing streak. It was really fun, except for the fact that there were all these obnoxious little ms. teen beeyotches screaming. But the marching band did really well!

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