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this one goes out to eve
Friday, October 21, 2005

› by victoria

yes, eve, I will stop at Walgreen's and pick up some CDs so I can copy you my new Italian music compilations & then I will mail the copies to you via the post! as soon as I possibly can, too.

We sent off a package of little things to Biff's little sister in California on tuesday--a paperback copy of Garth Nix's Mister Monday, a small tin of portuguese strawberry lip balm, a cute wallet with a kitty on it, a copy CD of Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Biff wrote a letter to her also--because I thought it was really important that he do that. I hope she likes it when it finally gets there, which should be today.

I think that everyone should receive stuff in the mail. It makes you feel wonderful and ecstatic inside; it's a very childlike sort of elation. Marketers who can figure out how to tap into that feeling have the potential to make tons of money; look at the Harry Potter movies, for example. The first Harry Potter movie, in particular, felt like a childhood Christmas (should you celebrate Christmas--the way I remember it, Christmas was staying up late to look at the small lights covering the tree through squinted eyes so they all turned into intersecting diamonds of light, the smell of fake pine tree since our plastic tree had belonged to my dad's parents in the 50's, or watching Patches our cat knock down glass ball ornaments and then pretend she didn't do it). Or ebay: 80% of ebay's appeal comes from the fact that you're going to get it in the mail so you have an excuse to check your mail every day until your package arrives! (*the other 20% or so of its appeal is actually winning something).

I woke up early to take a bathshower before going to work and ended up listening to the Italian music CDs: I translated one of the songs that I like the best from italian-english, it's called Voglio Vederti Danzare:

Voglio vederti danzare (I want to see you dance)
come le zingare del deserto (like the gypsies of the desert)
con candelabri in testa (with candelabras on your head)
o come le balinesi nei giorni di festa. (or like the Balinese on festival days)
Voglio vederti danzare (I want to see you dance)
come i Dervisches Tourners (like the whirling Dervishes)
che girano sulle spine dorsali (that twist around on their back)
o al suono di cavigliere del Katakali. (or like the sound of the anklets of Katakali)
E gira tutt'intorno la stanza (and twirl all around the room)
mentre si danza, danza (while you're dancing, dancing)
e gira tutt'intorno la stanza (and twirl all around the room)
mentre si danza. (while you're dancing)

E Radio Tirana trasmette musiche balcaniche, (the radio transmits music from the Balcans)
mentre danzatori bulgari a piedi nudi sui braceri ardenti. (while Bulgarians dance with bare feet on hot coals)
Nell'Irlanda del nord nelle balere (in Northern Ireland at the dances)
estive coppie di anziani che ballano al ritmo di sette ottavi. (summer copies of the ancients who danced to the rhythm of seven-eighths)
Gira tutt'intorno la stanza mentre si danza, danza. (and twirl all around the room while you're dancing, dancing)
E gira tutt'intorno la stanza mentre si danza. (and twirl all around the room while you're dancing)

Nei ritmi ossessivi la chiave dei riti tribali (in the obsessive rhythyms lies the key to trival rituals)
regni di sciamani e suonatori zingari ribelli. (realms of medicine men and the sounds of rebellious gypsies)
Nella Bassa Padana nelle balere estive coppie di anziani (in the springboard bass used for the summer, copying the rituals of the ancients)
che ballano vecchi Valzer Viennesi (those who dance the old vienniese waltz...)

I'm afraid the lyrics aren't as profound as those I posted earlier for the song "Altrove," but the song itself is quite catchy & enjoyable to listen to. Plus I find it's the best way for me to retain my italian, and the best is when Biff actually listens to it (when he's not berating me for listening to "cheezy" music) and starts learning words like "stasera" (which means "this evening") because he really has an amazing accent/knack for italian.

He refuses to learn how to speak french because of the "r" sound. He can't do it, seeing as it's a sort of gravelly-back-in-your-throat-and-nose-thing. Seeing as I was raised in a trilingual household and immersed in french quand je suis petit-petit, the accent comes pretty naturally to me. It drives me NUTS when american people roll their "r's" when they speak french! I HATE that! A certain person who always got all "A's" in my highschool french class (because she actually studied how to conjugate verbs and knew the difference between the accent aigu and the accent grave) always rolled her r's. Grrrr. Biff only likes to speak with a french accent when he sounds like an lecherous french mercenary, and the only phrases he knows are "Qu'est-quis passe?" (what's going on here?) and "Tiens!" (what's up!). It can get very amusing.

Biff was feeling pretty down last night because the Stafford Loan--which actually came to his school--only covers $2k-something of his tuition, so currently we're sitting on the barrel of "trying to figure out how to pay for his tuition" and scratching our heads, wondering what to do next. He also got his midterm evaluations, and i thought he did very well in most of his classes--an A- in his history class, and B's in his english class and performance art class. the ones he's not doing so well in tend to be the ones we didn't have the quibus to buy his supplies for and/or the ones in which he missed 3 or so class periods, so we talked about how to up his grade by making sure he doesn't miss class! We kinda cheered each other up, though, and upon finding out that the roofers will be leaving shortly, it seemed like the mood brightened considerably.

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