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how you frustrate me with your sex appeals
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

› by victoria

howdy. okay, today I'm going to try to tackle the worst component of my PANTENE project, which is...calling the people at GREY INTERACTIVE and trying to get them to give me a little-tiny-interview about how they created the website for PANTENE. I could care less, and yet I am immersed in shampoo and deodorant.

AXE and PANTENE, how you frustrate me with your sex appeals and your non-interactive flash websites.

ANYWAYS, what's the average "waiting period" for a response on an email? Because I want someone I've written to to write me back, and I'm hoping they will, and so since I emailed them yesterday, is 1-2 days the average waiting period? In the meantime I am hanging on tinterhooks. (imagine the sound of nails being bitten)

I have also lost my visa checkcard. I suspect it is somewhere in the apartment. I really hope to find it soon, because otherwise I doubt that anyone else will step up to the plate and make sure that we can pay the $9.99 subscription fee to so we can access our deodorant survey results.

Top 5 Depressing songs, in my humble opinion:
#5: "Bye Bye" by Superette: if i were to make a really depressing commercial, I'd be forced to use this song. I am probably one of the few people to even own this CD in the united states, but the song "bye bye" is just too awesome. Check it out here

#4: "Mexican Wrestler" by Jill Sobule: so, so sad. Well, it's party her voice that makes it that way. When she says the priceless lines

"Sometimes I wish that I was a wrestler
A Mexican wrestler in a red vinyl mask
And I might grab you, body slam you, and maybe cause
physical harm
But when we would land
I might take pity on you
I can crack all your ribs
But I can't break your heart"

It's profound.

#3: "Empty Room" by Frogpond: so beautiful & achingly sad. A song about someone close to you dying--i listened to it this summer when I found out about my grandparents passing away. (*at least, that's what I think it's about). Some of my favorite bits that I remember, since the lyrics aren't anywhere online:
"Sometimes I wonder
If the choices that we make are really ours
Got a letter yesterday
No one talks about it...
I can still see her
saying goodbye, see you soon
And I still see her
cleaning up that empty room
I feel lucky
despite this loss
'cause now she's safe at home
and we are here to
carry on..."

#2: "All in Vain" by Chumbawamba: And lest ye all begin hating on the one-hit wonders, you should hear this song first. Just the echoing chorus of I wish (i wish, I wish, I wish) I wish (i wish, I wish, I wish) but it's all in vain (but it's all in vain) but it's all in vain (but it's all in vain) is just so brilliantly hopeless. Describes exactly how i feel sometimes.

#1: "Am I Wrong" by Love Spit Love: so sad, partly because the background chords belie the song and sound like they're trying to be triumphant and happy. This song is awesome.

I'll try to do a happy song list as soon as I feel happier.

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