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AXE survey
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

› by victoria

the deodorant survey is almost complete. I have an interview set up with Susan about PANTENE at either 2:30 or 3:30, I can't figure out which because the 1 hour time difference confuses me. Biff apologized for being cranky this morning and said he loved me & hoped I had a good day. Maybe things are still on for winter break which is what I would like. I feel like things are right with the world. Or at least more right than they were.

Sometimes I wonder if we visit the same blogs. I will have to ask you about that in person.

everyone at my university has an ipod, it seems, except for me and maybe some foreign exchange students. I secretly want one but they are incredibly ridiculously expensive so I don't think I'll ever get one.

Good news! I found the checkcard (*it wasn't behind the crate), but someone else in my group already paid for our subscription to so it's all good. :)

I feel like I'm drowning in shampoo & deodorant.

my outfit matches my coat & scarf perfectly: navy blue & bright orange.

I'd like to think I'm becoming a person I'd want to be.

An excerpt from the AXE survey for your amusement:
What is the most memorable/striking thing about Axe ads?

- they portray a message that if men wear axe - woman won't be able to resist them.

- the women are always attracted to the men

- they are kind of scandalous?

- The girls. I love the girls. They are so sexy. They make me want to ride the elevators all day in case a hot babe wants to jump on me. They really play to the sex appeal. Even though I know I'm being manipulated, it still works

-- I don't know

- The guys always get laid, and they always look like dylan so if he can get laid then I definetly can with that stuff

-- I am unfamiliar with Axe

- the ridiculousness of the ads that axe smells so good, cuz it doesnt

- attractiveness women have towards men

- How unrealistic the ads are.

- Paul wears it.

- They make me laugh

- the emphasis on sexual activity in the tv ads.

- Getting washed by the Axe girls at the mifflin block party in madison last year.

- The commercial with the women rubbing against all the metal objects because they all smell like axe because a guy threw an axe container into a recycle bin

- Sex

- the hot biddies

- How silly they are.

- sexual claims

- The women fawning over the smell

- the sexual connotation and corolation between the product and the user. There is usually a hint in the ad that the consumer will have sex.

- Can't really remember anything especially memorable.

- the hot whores who want to fuck anything that has the shit on it including old recycled cans.

- unfamiliar with Axe

- humor

- The sexy women

- the humor

- if i put enough on, i can get every girls' head to turn in my direction when i walk past them.

- Guys become more attractive to women by using it.

- if you use it you get laid.

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