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Dumbledore was freebasing?
Thursday, December 8, 2005

› by victoria

Today was the day of my big PANTENE presentation at 9:45 in the morning. Now the thing is, I was up until about 2 AM in the morning AND I was heavily dosed-up on acetaminophen so I was feeling extremely drowsy and like I was moving through a bit of a fog. So when I did give my Pantene presentation, I felt like I was somehow forgetting to say a lot of things--and then the teacher held up 2 fingers, which meant that I only had 2 minutes left--it was very frustrating and I hope I did alright.

We saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I really enjoyed it: best parts were definitely the dragon and the mermaids (they were amazingly well-done, exactly the way I'd imagined them when I read the book...most of the visuals were really mindblowingly good). I also give them props for increasing the diversity quotient. Things that were a little bizarre in this movie: well, Dumbledore acted like he was strung out on drugs throughout the entire film. Personally, I think the friends of the actor Michael Gambon need to stage an intervention, taking him aside, perhaps saying gently "Um...Michael? Yes, I know that you like to put a lot of emotion into your work, but Dumbledore isn't supposed to shake Harry like a ragdoll, start screaming instead of projecting his voice, or generally acting like he's coming to loose ends."

Actually, I think this may have been my favorite part of the movie: when Dumbledore came and visited Harry to talk about the events of the year towards the end of the film, Dumbledore comments on the curtains that surround the 4-poster beds, "Ah yes...I set fire to these when I was a fourth-year" (to which Biff whispered in my ear "when he was freebasing"). I laughed so hard.

Now you may have heard that this Harry Potter #4 has our protagonists all growing up and going through the turbulent hormones and attractions of adolescence. Yes, this is the case...but the chemistry onscreen isn't between Ron and Hermione, or Harry and Cho Chang (*his supposed crush). Instead, it's between Harry and Ron. The scenes in which they were supposed to be having a disagreement were almost...I'm not sure how to put it, except that you could have cut the sexual tension between them with a knife.

Things I would fix if I could about the movie: there wasn't enough Hagrid, the soundtrack didn't have enough celeste on it (the way I feel about celeste is the way Blue Oyster Cult feels about cow bell: there's not enough of it), and they cut the Sphinx out of the Maze scene, which was offputting. But that's enough on H.P.4.

Right now, I'm already getting excited and nervous about going to New Mexico in a little bit more than a week. I'm hoping that everyone there will like me/think I'm okay. Eeep!

I'm looking forward to getting out of Milwaukee, with its incredibly shitty weather. It's snowing slush outside and very cold.

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