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Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas this year
Saturday, December 10, 2005

› by victoria

time is passing and it seems like nothing is under control, which is weird. Well, not really, I should be used to it by now. But there's so much to do and my head hurts and what I really want to do is take a nap right now, but I'm stuck at work with blunt, terse co-workers who don't talk to me (they only talk to me when they want me to give them an advil or something) and I'm going to try to start writing my philosophy paper on Kant's deontology vs. Mill's consequentialism. Also, biff is understandably frustrated at me and I'm frustrated with myself. [A MINOR CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS POST: I neglected to mention the fact that Robin was also in attendance with Biff and myself when we saw Harry Potter #4 and that it was very fun. Here's a virtual high-five to ya!]

At least we got our Christmas shopping done, except that I always want to give people really wonderful spectacular gifts and I can't because we don't really have the financial resources to do so. Which is frustrating.

I want to get my hair cut before we leave this upcoming sunday for N.M. so I'm thinking maybe if I sell all my textbooks back I'll be able to get some extra cash and do that. In an ideal world I'd like to get Biff's hair cut too since it is getting to be almost shoulder-length now and I want us to both look nice. But I guess we'll have to see what happens.

My Christmas Wish List this year: well, I used to write out a list to Santa. When I got older I'd basically write down the ISBN numbers of what i wanted on and give it to my Dad (my Dad was the one who celebrated Christmas in the household: my mom, being Italian, wasn't inclined to whoop it up too much at Natale, it was more of a religious holiday for her than a "let's exchange gifts and drink hot cocoa and do the tree!" type thing. That isn't to say that she didn't have Christmas fun celebrations: I know all the words to every christmas carol/song, including really obscure ones, and we'd always have panettone cake, which I love, and once when I sang the best I have ever sung in my life in front of the entire church, when I was pretty young--9, maybe?--there's a tape of it somewhere, my voice sounded like pure high unwavering bell-like tones--we came home and my Dad cooked this gigantic Christmas ham with pineapple slices on top). But anyways, I always loved getting presents for everyone the best (or making presents, but that becomes more & more difficult as you get older, which is can no longer hand someone a shitty woven-yarn "God's Eye" and have them go into raptures over it). Anyways, my Christmas wish list:
#1: my secret christmas wish for everything to go well for Biff & school
#2: a new hat that doesn't make me look stupid, because I have a big head and my current hat makes me look silly
#3: probably money would be nice, but I can't imagine Santa with a bag full of cash-money, unless he had just been "stealing from the till", as they say in the lovely MST3K carol "Let's Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas" ...

TOM: Pick it up.

Open up your heart and let the Patrick Swayze Christmas in.

CROW: We'll gather at the Roadhouse with our next of kin.

TOM: Not bad!

JOEL: And Santa can be our regular Saturday night thing.

'BOTS: We'll decorate our barstools and gather round and sing.

TOM: Oh, let's have a Patrick Swayze Christmas this year!

CROW: Or we'll tear your throat out and kick you in the ear!

JOEL: Hold it, hold it a sec. Cambot, stop it. Uh, Crow, I don't know if I think this is an appropriate sentiment anymore for Christmas.

CROW: Hey, what? Like a good action sequence don't belong in Christmas?

JOEL: Well, no, it's just that I've never heard of an action sequence in a Christmas carol before.

TOM: Well, yeah!

CROW: Well, then grab hold o' your socks and read on, Joel Robinson!

TOM: Okay, pick it up from measure 20, Cambot. Lovely intro, though. Very tasteful.

CROW: Thank you.

TOM: I like that.

It's my way or the highway, this Christmas at my ba-ha-haar.

CROW: I'll have to smash your kneecaps if you bastards touch my car!

JOEL: I got the word that Santa has been stealing from the till.

'BOTS: I think that that right jolly old elf better make out his will, ohh,

ALL: Oh, let's have a Patrick Swayze Christmas, one and all.
And this can be the haziest...
This can be the laziest...
This can be the Swayziest
Christmas of them aaallllllllll!"

TOM: La la la laa ha HAAA!

#4: A Theremin--Biff and I would both absolutely LOVE one, it would be awesome.

aaand...I think that's it. :)

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