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my history with energy drinks
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

› by victoria

First time I think I started drinking energy drinks was back in early highschool, with the Go-Go energy drinks. They don't make them anymore, but my parents would order them for me by the case. They tasted great--like Coca-Cola but with a bit more of a tangy kick. They even made a turkish coffee flavored one, which (if you can believe it) tasted pretty good in a weird coffee-soda way (*i bet they make carbonated coffee soda in Japan).

When they stopped making Go-go's, I was left bereft of energy drinks until I found out about Hansen's energy drink.

The first time I drank Red Bull was when I went to Rome with 3 other people on my italian cultural exchange trip--we basically went on a death march of seeing all the tourist attractions in a single day (Il Colloseo, Fontana di Trevi, Spanish Steps, the Vatican museum, etc.) and then everyone in my group wanted to attend this free concert that was going to be featuring Alanis Morrisette. So of course we had to go--and thus the Red Bull gave me the energy to keep on standing until about 3 AM in the morning. After which we had to take the most expensive cabby ride back to our hotel (cost about $50 for a 15 minute ride) with what may have been the most insane cabbie in Rome.

At which point I started moving on to trying a wide variety of energy drinks. Thank goodness they started coming out in 16 ounce sizes. The nastiest energy drink I ever tasted was this Stinger energy was absolutely foul. Biff loves MONSTER energy drinks, especially the blue ones. My personal fave is Rockstar energy drink, which includes not only twice the daily needs for B vitamins of all sorts but also supplements like Ginkgo and Nettle extract. I credit it with being the elixir vitae.

It's not that I don't like coffee, it's just that I make coffee that tastes like mud.

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