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the bird
Thursday, February 23, 2006

› by victoria

One of our new neighbours has a bird.

I first heard it on monday night while trying to cue up this X-Files DVD that I had rented from the library. We had gotten halfway through "Brand X" when all of a sudden the DVD player hit a deep scratch, thoughtfully left on the disc by a previous patron. I kept on trying to re-set the DVD player in different ways so the rest of the episode would play, but it was a no-go. At the same time, I heard the lonely squawks of a small parrot/parakeet/cockatiel (but my guess is a small parrot) coming from somewhere nearby.

After hearing these noises over the past few days, I have come to the conclusion that

A.) the bird must be either in the apartment to the left, or one down the hall--but judging from the acoustics, the one to the left
B.) the poor bird is really lonely.

I'm not sure if our apartment manager knows if the bird is there, so I wouldn't want to cause a fuss by asking about it. But I'd like to write the owner a note or something letting him/her know that if you play some music that the bird likes, it won't get so lonely. And if you have to leave it home alone at 11:30 PM, throwing a light blanket over the cage is a guaranteed way to make it quiet down.

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