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Thursday, April 6, 2006

› by victoria

there is so much to write about.

i got a good grade on my english test which is a relief. I still have to do major major work on the ad campaign i'm doing for Rockstar energy drink. Rob thinks that it would be completely impossible for me to re-vamp Rockstar's image, but I think that they need to do an image overhaul and position themselves as a superior product rather than Red Bull because quite frankly the drinks taste better, contain more nutritional supplements, and...taste better? anyways Rob's doubts in my abilities have shaken my upbeat attitude towards the project (which is due next tuesday--and i've only made 2 print ads out of the 20 components or so that it needs). eeep.

our apartment is clean-clean-CLEAN! which is a wonderful feeling. clean kitchen, clean living room, clean bedroom, clean bathroom. Best CD to clean to has to be the first CD in this set. I threw out probably 6 bags of trash last night--I was wearing a tank top, boxer shorts and hoodie as i ran out to the dumpster in the 45 degree temps, and I held the door open so that this other building resident could get into the lobby and he says "thanks, swee'heart" in this Australian accent. Frankly, Australian accents (but not the Wiggles australian accents, more like Crocodile Hunter australian accents) are very cool. It's weird, though, there are disproportionate amounts of Australians living in our apartment building.

At my new job (which i like very much), there is this table covered with food. This food, while supposedly intended for human consumption, is more of a business still-life-with-bagels-and-danishes. Beautifully arranged, but I never see anyone eating it. It reminds me of the Beatrix Potter story "Two Bad Mice."

Again, I am so tired today. it feels like i worked out way too intensely yesterday.
which is something i probably should do.

Having not smoked for 3 weeks or so, I can effectively say that i have quit. But quitting terrifies me with the Diogenes sword of weight gain that everyone says happens to people when they quit smoking. While folding clothes yesterday I found a whole bunch of jeans that I haven't worn in months and months, and I tried them on only to find to my chagrin that they were just too small. Le sigh. So now I am left wondering is it worth it to be healthy, or should I up the ante and do yoga more often than, say, once every 6 months or whenever I remember to...

I've replaced nicotine with caffeine. Lots and lots of it.

And finally, this song is awesomely happy. Enjoy.

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