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Marxist toiletries
Thursday, April 13, 2006

› by victoria

(*the title doesn't have to do with anything, it was the title of a spam email that I received & even though I deleted it the title made me laugh).

i have to work on my theology "take-home essay exam" which promises to be a royal pain. Still, only having to work 9 hours today totally beats having to exert focused, painful thought as required by classes where I'm overstressed and underslept. The worst was my marketing exam yesterday; when I asked the professor if he was putting the formulas to calculate GRP (gross rating points) etc. for us during the test (which covered 9 chapters plus 20 readings and multiple handouts). He said he wasn't going to give us the formulas and bearing in mind that I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep since Saturday night (wow that's a long time!) I handled the news surprisingly well by only bursting into quiet sniffling. The test is over and hopefully I didn't crash and burn as badly as I think I did.

Things that rock:

warm-decent weather outside, even with a hint of sunshine! (it's nice to not feel as though Mother Nature is slapping you)

Biff's newest sculpture-art piece (make this Biff in general -- his sense of humor too)

Mint Royale's latest CD See you in the morning -- especially the incredible, wonderful, shimmering "Harpy" and the wickedly catchy "My Heart is Beating Fast." Can't stop listening to this one.

Hanging out with Robin, esp. when she's at the height of her witty-comment-powers

Getting paid! Yay! :)

Junji Ito. the guy is a creative GENIUS. "Uzumaki" is just so compelling that I am fighting off the persistent, nagging urge to order "Gyo."


Things that do not rock:

Homework over my so-called "easter break"--and lots of it. Lots and lots and lots.

The piles and piles of laundry & clothes to fold, pick up, put away, etc.

my messy hair

Losing the DVD player remote (*we later found it)


Bad drivers.

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