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the return (of me)
Thursday, April 20, 2006

› by victoria

The long absence has merely been an extension of the long absence I've been having from everything. Over Easter weekend--with my workplace closed and all--I didn't have internet access for 3 days. Plus my cell phone ran out of money (it's a pay-as-you-go-phone) and I couldn't even top up the damn thing so I was cut off from all communications. It's taken me the past 3 days to recover from my so-called easter break weekend and the confounding frustration (and even occasional depressing freak-outs) it induced.

Things seem to be better now. The student gallery event I organized was a success. I called Robin and talked with her on the phone for like, an hour--the first chance I've had to communicate with her in weeks. I've learned to answer the phones at work, which was a huge source of stress for me but now I'm getting more used to it, or at least the process of scanning over a list of people's phone extensions in a rush. All those years of playing viola in highschool orchestra have paid off--the ability to fake that I know what I'm doing has lead people to believe that I actually know how to use Excel when I really don't. I never used it before! But I keep on getting asked to make spreadsheets, and I'm getting better at it now.

The weather is (true to form, i must mention the weather) getting a little less wretchedly cold. Perhaps it's just me projecting my exhaustion and frustration onto the outdoors, but it seems as though the plants and trees are pausing, holding back until May.

Futon delivery tomorrow. I'm excited about it. It's got the loveliest-patterned-cover ever.

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