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why i'm cranky:
Monday, April 24, 2006

› by victoria

i was up until 1:30 am helping poor Biff paint 1,000s of his hand-drawn animation stills with watercolors, and I didn't sleep well 'cuz I kept on waking up at odd times like 4 AM. Poor biff is cranky, possibly even more than I am, so hopefully things will get better.

I decided to wear my crocheted espadrilles to school today with a cute striped top--I looked adorable, until my feet started to hurt like I was wearing shoes with a sole made of solid loofah sponge and an upper made out of sandpaper. My feet are hurting so bad right now and since I'm at work I have to limp across the floor at the behest of snippy people demanding irish movies. For the life of me I don't understand how anyone could take a class devoted to Irish cinema. After watching The Nephew about 8 times due to transatlantic flights with repeating in-flight movies, I've had enough irish cinema to last me a lifetime.

My random unexpected Final exam! has arrived. Apparently I have an advertising final exam due tomorrow that -- oopsies-- i haven't even started on yet. (*because i forgot about it). I also have to do most of the powerpoint for my presentation due in the same class.

I feel bad for Eve losing her dog.

I am disconcerted by finding out about our apartment building's new policy of having some people come in all the apartments once a month to check on the "Fire alarms." Biff is really, REALLY, pissed about it. And we don't even have anything to hide! (well, except my slobby messiness, but still). It's got a very Summer-Camp-Bunk-Inspection-meets-Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You kind of feel, so I am wondering if anyone out there can tell me details about Milwaukee's legal policies regarding apartment fire alarm inspection. I could see once every 6 months, or even once every 3 months. But every month??!! I told Biff that we wouldn't be the only people irritated by the new policy.

But damn all those clean freaks who make me look bad in comparison. Biff and I don't have the time to do the goddamn laundry every day, or even the dishes. I am a full-time student!!! (who also works at 2 jobs). While I believe it's important to clean up filth/dirty stuff every 2-3 days--like the dishes in the kitchen or the bathroom--I have a very laissez faire policy towards stacks of papers that still need to be sorted, or clothes that need to be tried on, etc. So the idea of people judging me based on a messy room makes me feel upset. And the thing is, it's even less messy than it was!

I'm just ranting at this point.

I don't want to edit my english paper. I forgot from where in the books the quotations I used in my essay came from, so that will be a joy to find.

I'm carrying 2 big tote bags full of books to school.

I'm hungry and i don't have anything to eat with me because the STUPID vending machine stole my money and didn't give me anything in return, so i'm stuck until 6 PM.

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