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karma points
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

› by victoria

karma points must be free-circulating or else they wither up and die. I help you one weekend, you help me the next weekend, I help someone else, and the cycle goes on and on. You save me from the brink of starvation a year ago, I take care of your house while you're in the hospital. You help me with my design project because I was just learning photoshop (*and I still am a n00b), and I help you with your animation project. You encourage me, and I cheer you up. You support me and stay my friend through the good times and the bad, and you got my loyalty right there. You're my friend and that's why I'll try my damndest to be there for you.

Karma points can be collected and redeemed in one big swoop, or they can be gradually used up over time even as they are replenished. At least, that's my theory on them.
(*I don't claim exclusive creativity in naming them, since I thought a couple of years ago that I had made up the words "positrons" and "negatrons" only to find that they already exist).

Today is my big final thing for this week, the advertising presentation for ROCKSTAR energy drinks. I think I did a pretty good job putting it together. Now i just have to hope that i don't blank out while presenting it. Stayed up late editing my english paper and my advertising take-home final exam (the surprise one, in case you're wondering) last night.
I feel buzzy in my hands. I kept on messing up when transferring the phone calls today at work, and I feel like a total moron about it. I just hope that I can fix the situation after today because I could tell that I must've really been bothering them by pressing the "transfer" button too quickly.

The more I listen to the song "Kish Kash" (alternate spelling: "Cish Cash") by the Basement Jaxx feat. Siouxsie Sioux, the more cool it gets.

You know it makes the world go round...

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