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OK, I know New Yorkers are supposed to be mean and always yelling about one thing or another, but come on, enough is enough. Has common courtesy become a thing of the past? The exception instead of the rule?

I ask you, should people offer their seats on the subway to an elderly person or pregnant woman? Should you actually wait your turn for a cab? Should you put litter in a garbage can, urinate in a urinal? The answer to all the questions is yes, but a majority of people will probably say no.

I've come to realize that one thing standing in my way of being courteous is the damn tourists. Yes, I know they spend money here that we need, but enough is enough. My plan is to restrict their outside activity to 10am Noon, 2:17pm 4:28, and 7:47pm 2am. That way none of us have to deal with people standing around looking up at the BIG BUILDINGS. I don't want to be that angry girl yelling in the streets but you, the tourist, made me that way. Really. By restricting, your outside time you will not only be helping me be a more courteous New Yorker, you will be helping all New Yorkers. Let's bring back the love to this city, shall we? I will be printing up these outside time schedules, posting them, as well as handing them out soon.

Look for them and obey! Thanks!

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