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So my whole life I never put myself on a diet. I don’t like the word diet just because for me it implies restriction. I never restrain from anything. I like to think of myself as a free spirit, I do what I like and say what is on my mind. I have never participated in the weight loss trends throughout the years.

Well times they are a changing! I am turning the big 40 this year and thought I should try this *cough* diet thing. Maybe I should try and be a little healthier as I am getting older and have a lot more years of parting ahead of me. I joined Weight Watchers Online as it looked to be the only diet program that I can do without having to buy special food or join a “special” program or worst stand in front of a room of people to tell them how fat I was. Hello my name is Cootie Girl and I am obese! Yeah no, that is not for me. The online version I don’t need to go to meeting if I don’t want to (who would). Anyway it has been going good so far 11 weeks and I have lost 25 pounds. WHOOT! I just wish my Wii Fit avatar would not have such a giant belly but I am working on that.

The hardest thing about this program is BEER!!!! I miss you man I really do. Remember back in the day (March 2011) when I could have about 8 of you in a night. Yeah I am a whore like that I can have 8 beers and still feel good about myself the next day. Not anymore :( I mention March 2011 because that is the month were I reached the 100 beers needed to become a gold club member with the Bronx Ale House Beer Club. Ah the good old days. My 100th beer was Ommegang’s Gnomegang. Damn that was a good brew! Now don’t get the wrong impression I am not giving up beer for good. I can only have about 3-4 beers a week if I want to continue to lose weight. Lose it and not gain it back! Getting old kind of sucks.

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