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One hundred
It has been 1 year, 5 months, and 13 days … OK let’s just say 532 days. I can break it down further … maybe 12,768 hours or 766,080 minutes or 45,964,800 seconds, and counting! This is the total amount of time that I have been on a diet, EVER, in my life. The longest I have stuck with something of this magnitude and have had such success. I was about to get all proud of myself and say I lost 100 pounds but I just went back to check the date on my highest weight in with a doctor and I was off by 9.5 pounds! So to date I have only lost 90.5 pounds and only 78.8 pounds since I started 532 days ago. It is fucking hard work and I say I hate doing it but I feel and look a million times better. I am keeping it up and will hopefully continue to lose, I want to get down 30 pounds more. YES I WAS THAT FAT! I am not comfortable in my new skin yet and I am happy I can shop for cloths in any store now. I just hate having to try everything on because I have no idea what size to buy. I am also trying hard not to buy too much since I hope to not be able to fit into them in the next six months.

Oh and this year I did about Five 5K’s … my favorite one was at Yankee Stadium even thought I had to “run” up stairs. I will be doing this one again next year so I will be sure to hit you kids up for some donations!!! I hope to do six if not more 5K’s in 2013. And in 2013 I will be able to announce that 100-pound loss …. Wait for it!


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