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I had been living in Toronto for a year. Montreal was still considered to be home. I still went there often to get my hair cut, keep the old flames burning and to do my laundry.

I lived with Dina Pino and her bf at the time. They were both unemployed and would sit on the couch watching CBC and eating cereal. It was right out of Twitch City. We lived amongst the crack whores across from Trinity Bellwoods Park before the gentrification began. We had mice in the kitchen and raccoons in the roof. The streetcars and sirens kept us up at night. A true urban soundscape.

My days were spent answering all the e-mails that came in through Sony Music Canada's websites. It was fun, I worked alongside my good friend Jenn. We laughed a lot. My daily pilgrimmage to the office involved a streetcar, about 10 subway stops and a bus.

I was about to spend my last ten days as a truly single gal. I had a mad crush on the dude and still wasn't fully recovered from my Montreal-style heartaches. I decided to go visit my Baba Sally and Zeida Carl at their condo in Florida. It was great spending quality time with them, and every afternoon I went for a long walk on the beach to figure out what I wanted out of life. I had ambition. I was going to write more. I also decided to get over these guys who clearly weren't interested. It was time to move on. I was going to join the gym and meet someone new and fabulous who would help me forget about the dude. I would write a killer short story.

I returned to Toronto feeling recharged. The dude called me to go for a beer. (Note: We used to always hang out as part of our little posse. Once, I went over to his house on my own to watch a movie when his folks were away and he promptly fell asleep.) I declined. I was tired. I didn't think twice about it. The next night, he called again. 'Fine.' I said. 'I'll meet you for a drink."

The rest as they say is history. We are now married, living together and very freakin' happy.

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