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Last weekend, after drinking too much delicious red wine in honour of Pony's fine ageing process, we packed our bags and our hangovers and headed to the airport.

We were off to Florida for a quick four day vacay. It was a much needed break, we have not had any downtime since the wedding and it was starting to show. We were staying with my Baba Sally and Zeida Carl in Hallandale (near Ft. Lauderdale.) It's an area full of AK's (Alta Kakers - heeb term for old farts) and Quebecois who were escaping Montreal's bitter winters. Feels like home to me. I've been visiting with the snow birds almost once a year since I was a little.

We had an amazing time! I had been really missing my grandparents and am missing them even more now. They might squabble non-stop and worry too much but they are lovely warm people. They treated us well and told us amazing stories about their life before, during and after the war. I'll share them with you one day when I have more time.

Sunday was chilly so we headed to the Sawgrass Mills - the world's most insane outlet mall ever. It can be very hit or miss, I am not big on working hard for my shopping but I can't resist a bargain. We hit gold in the Off Sixth Avenue store. It was loaded with our fave stuff at incredible prices. The real shocker of our shopping excursion was the dude. He lapped me! Outshopping me is not an easy task and he did it without even breaking a sweat. I have created a monster.

The next two days were beautiful, cloudless and warm. Monday morning, I decided we should walk along the beach and get some exercise. I didn't realize that it was high tide. It happened very suddenly - we were attacked by huge crashing waves. There are also a lot of jellyfish. We ran back as quick as we could, trying to weave our way through the condos to the street.

Safely ensconsed by pavement, we decided to explore the new Diplomat hotel that had opened last year. As you can tell from the photos, it's unbelievable! It's a different world. Monsterous, luxurious and compeltely over the top. We ordered iced coffees and sat by the pool relaxing. We were sad to go but we had promised Baba Sally we would be back in time for lunch. We spent the rest of that afternoon by the pool at my grandparents condo (The Avant Garde - dontcha just love the name?!) which was
alright but the pool is like a Mr. Turtle full of bubbies and zeidys. It does not compare.

Tuesday we decided we would spend the entire day at The Diplomat. So we did. I even made up some bullshit story and got us towels. It was wicked! I think next year, if we go back to visit my b+z, we might try to spend every day in that ridiculous pool with the two waterfalls. It was so much fun. We ordered food by the pool, and stared at all the babes in the designer bikinis. There was also some really old dude coddling a possible escort. It was too much!

Happy Friday y'all!

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