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Naked In The City Again

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Says she's got it all.
I don't wanna be the one to tell her that she don't.
Late night, in a lonely city...
So hard, she tries to look pretty.
Boys don't even notice her though.
She's in need of attention so...
Lost and naked in the city again.
Intoxicated by a quarter to ten.
Lost and naked in the city again.
Begging for a piece of their attention.

This song keeps looping through my frontal lobe but for some reason my version keeps substituting "Says she's got it all" to "Says she's got a gun."

It's been one of those days.. The ones where you stay in bed late by yourself for no good reason. Not even sleeping, just enjoying the weight of the covers on your body, the quiet and the light seeping in. The kind of day where you run alongside the streetcar fully aware there is no way the driver is going to stop, knowing that it will be an eternity before the next one arrives.

You play the "If I could be anywhere but here.." game all day long.

Your body resents the computer screen placed before it. Despising the glare-inducing monitor, the clickity keyboard, the ass numbing seat. You drink as much water as you can without bursting and relish your time alone in the cool bathroom stall.

I am so tempted to bring along my McSweeney's short stories book on my next visit to void myself.

Oh well, one more meeting and the day is almost over. Tonight's menu includes yoga, sushi with the gals, and at least one more episode of Buffy Season Four.

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