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It's like being in a bubble

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So I am ready to become a full time ski bum. I had soo much fun skiing Whistler this weekend I can't even explain. With each run I became more and more confident. I am not an expert skier by any standards but I love the headiness that comes with speeding down the mountainside, carving your own path through the snow, avoiding icy pitfalls and whizzing by the tremendous scenery.

The trip was much needed and I wish it hadn't ended so quickly. We ended up extending our stay in Whistler by one night instead of heading back to Vancouver because the dude spent the first day up there sweating and shivering off a feverish flu. I spent most of my time skiing on my own but we would meet up for hot drinks and a run or two.

I could blather on but I am suffering the jet lag sleepies so here is a quick overview.

> Dinner Friday night with Dave and Karen, Eric and Katrine and Nadine at Lucy Mae Brown's a former brothel that now serves delicious tapas and such. One martini, and too many glasses of wine later I was having a fine time.

> Being completely spoiled by Karen and Dave.

> The scenery in Whistler.

> Exploring the peak on my own. It was like I had landed on a distant planet. Nothing but snow and sky.

> Super fresh sushi - We had it both nights. Our waitress the second night was irresistably sweet and Japanese. She keeps going home and coming back to Whistler. "I cannot escape it, it's like being in a bubble." So true.

> Little ski munchkins - Whistler is filled with wealthy tourists and their offspring. I have always thought it adorable to see tiny skiers. Add British or Australian accents into the mix, and I swear you could box 'em up and sell 'em. So CUTE!

> Sunshine and happiness.

> The fireplace in our fancy pants resort room.

> Gorging myself on apres-ski snacks.

> Not looking at a computer for almost three full days.

> TXT MSG FUN! It's so much easier and cheaper when you are travelling... I am addicted.

> Seeing the dude enjoy boarding. He was really getting the hang of it and having fun. I nicknamed him "Senor Shredder."

> Free fitness classes (I took two Core classes, the first was taught by Kimberly. The other one was taught by her boyfriend Brad. They were like real life Ken and Barbie only brunettes; she was gossipy and manipulative, he was eager and gay.)

> Discovering the delicious chocolate hedghogs Nadine gave us.

> The dude trying to convince me to wear his balaclava with my black silk long johns and pose like a ninja!

> Watching the dude shiver and sweat through the flu.

> All the apres-ski snacks causing havoc on my sensitive digestion.

> We extended our stay in Whistler so the dude could get some more runs in but that meant we didn't get to see our Van City friends on the way back. We'll need to make another trip out west soon!

> Taking the dude down a beginner run only to discover that crap conditions made it a little too challenging. Dude was soo unhappy.

> The two stopovers on the way there. Our travel time was 12 hours. It took us less time to travel to Thailand. Oh well, that's the price of flying for "free" on points.

> Resort prices. Whislter is totally elitist. We were able to swing our visit thanks to two free nights courtesy of my most generous bro (we sooo owe you!). Free flight and hotel, no shopping, eating breakfast in our room and we still spent a crapload of cash. It was so worth it though.

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