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I am having a hard time focusing today. I will attempt to list my distractions so that they may poof vanish:

1. Chatter. Lots of chatter going on in the office today. Lots of mobile phone testing annoyingness too. Shut up people. The good news is we are moving on to a new office next week. The bad news is that office is rumoured to be cold and have no T1 connection. Slow internet death.

2. Sexual frustration. The dude is at some "business" conference in New Orleans, working hard I am sure. More likely, his liver is working hard to pump out the dangers of Bourbon Street. I had thought I would be revelling in my time at home alone, but returning to an empty house after a family weekend in Montreal was a bit lonely. I needed someone there to warm up the bed for me. Tonight, I am having a sleepover with Tali, hooray!

3. Mondays. Mondays are always tough.

4. Brain fog. I can't remember the HR username and password for the New York Times website. durr..

5. Mouth sore. I have a weird sore spot on the roof of my mouth. Can't stop sticking my tongue in it.

6. Superfantastic withdrawal. My office co-conspirator, superfantastic nora is out sick today. We've already spoken on the phone twice but it's just not the same.

7. That damn Internet. I can't stop clicking! Great interview here, favourite bookmark there. Nevermind the e-mail.

8. The Messenger of Evil. MSN Messenger is truly toxic and addictive. It should have a warning label. Like today, I am doing everything in my power not to MSG Pony cos I have work to do. It's is killing me softly.

9. Text messaging. Another tech-addiction. Even better is drunken text messaging. Thursday night was a party on my cellphone.

10. Spring flings. I can't stop daydreaming...

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