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down with socks

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I hate socks. I really do. At least this time of year. Today I went without and ended up with soggy squishy toes and nearly ruined an adorable pair of clicky little heels. Still, down with socks I say. At least until that winter nip returns. (Then they are both necessary and cuddle-inducing.)

Yet, there are socks everywhere. All over my place. I keep finding them in the couch. Behind the chair. By the bed.

The dude's not even in town and yet there are socks everywhere and I am starting to feel like Mrs. Seaver and considering writing hate mail to Allan Thicke.

Or something.

I admit, some of those socks might be mine. My sweaty just been running in the soupy outdoors "foxtrot" brand socks.

Clearly I must collect them and put on a sock puppet show. Tickets are $5 bucks (CDN) and include a free can of Red Bull. I don't really care for Red Bull, but I really hate Coke as a company so it's a good substitute. Actually, scratch the Red Bull, it's been done. You'll get some nice ice water, perfect this time of year.

You know Dasani water? It's bottled by Coke. It contains salt in it. This makes you thirstier. As such I am now kinda anti-Coke. I refuse to drink Dasani. I'd rather die of thirst.

I am also anti-up-the-nose-coke. I think it's for suckers, drama queens and insecure wimps. I nearly broke up with someone once cos they did coke. jerks. Party drugs are lame. The party in my head is cheaper and doesn't bring you down as hard the next day.

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