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the book meme

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So I've been tagged recently by both Sari and Brett to answer this here meme (see below). Before I begin, I must confess that until a few hours ago when I heard Adina say it correctly, I have been mispronouncing meme. I say it with a french accent, as if there are accents above the e's. It's my biggest literary weakness, mostly because of books actually. I spent most of my childhood with my nose buried so deep in thick hardcover bound library borrowed escapism, that I can spell to save my life but can't pronounce worth shit.

That said, here goes:

Number of books I own: No idea really. Not too many as my mom was fond of libraries growing up and I am big on borrowing. I used to read loads of books when I was younger but now I am more of a magazine junkie. I probably have about 100 or so books of my own, the dude has a shitload though, so perhaps I can co-opt those and simply say, we gots a shitload of books.

Last book I bought: You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail (doesn't she have the bestest name?), which is a how to guide for green thumb wannabes. S'excellent.

Last book I read: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. It was a bday gift from Ariel and Margo. It's the first graphic novel I've ever read. Beautifully illustrated and told, a true story about growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. I lovingly stretched it out as long as I could, finally finishing it last night. The last chapter brought me to tears. Everyone should read this book. It's filled with insight and humour and history. I can't wait to read Persepolis II.

Five books that mean a lot to me:

* The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. It was part of an English class assignment in grade nine. The story grabbed in a dramatic way. I remember loving every last euphemism. Conformity is for suckers. Life is better lived on the fringe. I should re-read it especially in light of all the cockamamie cloning experiments currently underfoot.

* The Chosen by Chaim Potok. I was in my last year of elementary school (grade six) and had to do a book report. A true worm, I had pretty much read every book in the school library except for The Chosen. It was thicker than your usual grade six read, but I dived right in. Having grown up in a relatively orthodox jewish home, the conflicts faced in this book spoke to me directly. I wasn't religious enough to fit in with the true orthodox, yet too observant to cut it with the secular kids.

* Kicking Tomorrow by Daniel Richler. Yet another book about not fitting in. This one takes place in Montreal. I read it during CEGEP when I was hanging out with a lot of the affluent Westmount private school types. I was the oddball suburbanite. Are you noticing a trend here? Perhaps if I had spent less teenage years reading, and more time living... Alas, then I would not be me and that would be sad.

* The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood. I was consumed by Margaret Atwood books in high school. I wanted to be a great Canadian novelist. (In elementary school I was naive enough to think I could achieve along the lines of Gordon Korman and have a novel written and published in high school.) I also wanted to be a grown up woman living my adult life. This book gave me some insight into what that meant.

*The Beginning Runner's Guide by Ian MacNeill. A friend lent me their copy and I started training. Eventually I bought my own copy. This was about two and half years ago. I now run 3-4 times a week and was never an athletic type. I know this sounds like a testimonial but this book really got me started. After awhile I gave up on the walk/runs though and just ran for long distances.

Choosing five was tough. Some quickie honourable mentions: Park City by Anne Beattie, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret and everything else by Judy Blume, Roald Dahl shaped my childhood, oh and Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of The World by Haruki Murakami and A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'engle.

My next book adventure was a bday gift from Adina, A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Towes.. I am about to crawl into bed and dig in.

Before I do, I am supposed to tag five more people: Joan, Tali, Raine, Lilyonthedustbin and.. a general shout out to you robot types if you're game. I can't choose just one of you! (Oh and Sinnick, Mr Hand and Pieman if you happen to read this, do it up!)

I guess that's more than five huh. Oh well, good at reading, bad at math. That's me!

Whew. My first meme complete.

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